Friday, December 10, 2010

A Country Christmas

I have a Love for old barns and farms. The idea of packing up everything and moving out to the country of wide, open spaces is incredibly romantic to me. Wouldn't it be so nurturing and fulfilling to create gardens of organic produce, to raise animals that greet you in the morning and roam freely all day, and to live sustainably in an environment surrounded by nature!? It sounds so peaceful and lovely to me!

I Love the image of an old barn or farmhouse. The distressed wood, the vaulted ceilings, the big doors and windows, the rust and tarnish, and the vivid colors, all bring a warmth to my soul. Reinventing one of these architectural classics into a home would be an incredible project of Love.

Many people have taken that leap of faith! Here are some beautiful and inspiring photos of barns and farmhouses turned into homes.

The structure of barns allows for such amazing open space. 

My favorite barn converted home created by the amazing group of Dungan Nequette
My sons would Love to swing in the house! How fun!

Coziness at its' best. 
Image via Desire to Inspire
Love the industrial sink in the bathroom. What a perfect touch to a barn home. 

I imagine the holiday season in these beautiful barn homes: Days spent gathering wood for the fireplace, and milk and eggs for delicious homemade treats. Nights spent relaxing on big, inviting couches, cuddled under an heirloom quilt, sipping mulled cider or a glass of red wine, reading and talking with Loved ones, with the sounds of crackling fires, soft music, and nature in the background . . . . 

A peek at our fireplace. Childproofed.

Our son James cozy under an heirloom quilt. 

Season's Greetings my Loves! 


  1. Ha! I go to church with Jeff Dungan. If I see him this morning I'll have to tell him you listed them in your blog. Small world!


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