Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Every child is an artist"

My all time favorite present I received from Santa Claus was a big, schoolhouse inspired chalkboard! It was double sided and had wheels on its long wooden legs. I remember opening the door to my Nana's guest bedroom to find "the present that Santa could not fit down the chimney." I was in Love. I dreamed of being a school teacher throughout my childhood. I spent hours a day "teaching" on my chalkboard for all of my dolls and stuffed animals.

My childhood Love of schoolhouse chalkboards lives on! I Love the use of chalkboards throughout the home. They add a timeless and personal touch to your home. They provide functional artwork that allows for creativity and organization.

Image via Ohdeedoh

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Picasso

Our son James in his school house inspired bedroom.

Image Jen from Cabin 7

 Love this quote on a kitchen chalkboard wall.

Image via Apartment Therapy

 Grocery list, phone list, honey do list - Check! 
Image from Danielle Deboe
 Even "the loo" has one! 

Image via Design Sponge

Wonderful way to display the brilliant ideas shared around the dining room table. 

Image via Martha Stewart
A Love note to Santa and Rudolf. xx


  1. GREAT ideas!! I love chalkboards too :)

  2. sorry it has taken me so long to come and visit!!
    love your blog and we have alot in common!
    love of some good junk.
    barn living..that post was ahmazing..what a dream that would be!! i am all ready to pack up and find myself a good 'ole barn to refurbish!
    chalk board love..i even wanna paint the front of my fridge with it!!
    have you seen that the paint comes in colors now too?? :)!!!!
    i use quilts too as tree skirts!!
    it is so wonderful finding kindred spirits in blog land and your blog is sooo inspiring for me!!!
    oh i love the old window you chalked up for james' room too!!

  3. My sister and her boyfriend have a chalkboard-door in their apartment, it's so cute ♥
    I want one too.

  4. I LOVE James' room ;) how creative!!!!!!! I'm thinking about somehow incorporating a garden theme into our baby's room. Am going to definitely have to pick your brain :)

  5. Cute rooms. I am getting ready to redo my soon to be 3 year olds room and would love to see more of your little guys room. I love ohdeedoo, that site has a ton of great ideas.


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