Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Festival

In 2005, I found myself living in Laguna Beach. My first home was a beautiful, one bedroom, wooden cabin with a stone fireplace and panoramic views of Laguna Canyon. The owner lived in a man-made stone cave carved into the boulder rock on the deck of my cabin. Yes. It is true. A cave. Can you believe it? Isn't is just so incredibly fantastic!? I hope to introduce you to John some day. It was so peaceful living on Castle Rock. Many nights I went to sleep listening to the sound of the ukelele playing from the cave above.

I Loved exploring my new home. I met so many interesting and amazing people. They all seemed to be so happy, so energetic, so peaceful, and coincidentally, incredibly creative. I was, and still am, inspired by the community.

One of my favorite places is an art festival called the Sawdust that was started 45 years ago. The Sawdust Art Festival is nestled amongst eucalyptus trees and waterfalls. It is filled with beautiful displays of art by only local Laguna Beach residents. Each artist has their own place in the Festival that makes it very special and unique.

The Festival opens every day of the summer months and in the winter for a magical holiday wonderland. Every day you can go and listen to music, take an art workshop, eat deliciously festive food, and admire the beautiful art surrounding you. Every year I purchase an Annual Pass. I visit the Festival so often that I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of the artist personally.
The Winter Fantasy Sawdust Arts Festival. Magical. 

 I have found my most treasured pieces of art at the Sawdust Festival; including the two turquoise bracelets and a turquoise cocktail ring that I wear every day. I received the bracelets minutes after giving birth to our two sons, James and Oliver. In the South, we call them "Push Presents." And if you don't know about this tradition, I am so happy to be the one to educate you: When you "push" a baby out into this beautiful Earth, you get a beautiful gift to match!
My "Push" presents. xoxo

Greg Thorne is the artist who designed and crafted my turquoise collection. Greg is a presence at the Sawdust Festival. Every time I see Greg, he brightens my day. I am honored to be gifted with his works of art.
Greg teaching my son Oliver how to be a craftsman. 

Some of Greg's beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Greg is an exhibitor at the Sawdust Festival in the summer and the winter.  You can see more of Greg's pieces, as well as contact him on his website

Michele Taylor introducing my son James to a piece of her art. 

 Another one of my favorite artists at the Sawdust Festival is Michele Taylor. Michele creates the most beautiful altar inspired pieces using the most incredible materials. Every piece in her collection  continues to amaze me, intrigue me, and inspire me. She is also a very lovely person who always finds the time to talk to me and my family. Another one of the many reasons why I find the Sawdust Festival so magical. You get an opportunity to speak to the artists directly and learn about them and their art personally. Many times you can find Michele in the glass blowing pit demonstrating her craft for all to see and enjoy. Here are pictures of a couple of my favorites by Michele Taylor. 

It is incredibly important to support your local arts. 
I find it inspiring and enriching to see people doing and creating what they LOVE. 


  1. You live in an amazing, magical, and inviting world. Wish I could visit more!

  2. Love. love LOVE the turquoise stuff. I need to meet Greg asap :)


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