Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gift Wrap with Love

My Mom is here at our home visiting the boys and me. I Love when she comes down from Santa Barbara to spend quality time with us. Last night, after the boys went to bed, we had so much fun sipping wine and sharing stories by the fire. My Mom is such a positive light in my life. Every time I am around her, she lifts my spirits with amazing words of encouragement and Love. I continue to learn so much from her; including how to wrap the perfect present.

My Mom's presents are a piece of art. She creatively recycles and reinvents objects into festive charms, and adorns them on every one of her perfectly wrapped presents. I have a collection of these charms because I can't dare throw them away. They are creations of Love. (I promise pictures of presents by Mom on Christmas Day.)

Tonight I am going to start wrapping my gifts for Christmas. I Love incorporating my Love of vintage in everything that I create. It is my personal touch. So I was jumping up and down in excitement when I found these amazing vintage inspired gift tags by the very talented artist, Ms. Heidi Kenney of My Papercrane. Heidi created these free, downloadable gift tags for all of us lucky Lovers. You can print them out, cut, and tape them to your gifts or print them out on sticker paper. Thank you Heidi for sharing the Love!

I am equally in Love with the DIY metal letter stamped clay gift tags by ARTMIND. You can find the  tutorial on how to make these wonderfully creative charms HERE.

Now, time for me to get started on that gift wrapping . . . . . with LOVE. 


  1. Hi Smanatha!
    To be a perfect cliche - I LOVE your blog. The photos are so sweet and I feel your warmth and enthusiasm in every post. Cherich your mom, I miss my mom every day but I still have her in my heart and in the beautiful, eclectic gifts she was given me, one being a lover of all things old and cherished. ( I sell at the Irvine Flea Market with my duaghter Maisie - we are the ones that adore your Greg jewelry!) Im starting a blog as well so I will let you know when it is up and runnging. Merry Christmas! Margie

  2. I just found your blog from Lovely Cluster. I am now your newest follow!! I have to say that I am with you and love to hang out with my mom. Also, I love the "love tags" I can't wait to see more.


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