Monday, December 13, 2010

A Holiday Gift List

Yesterday was the last day of "The Winter Fantasy" at the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach. I debated going to the Festival since I spent the entire morning treasure hunting at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena in 90 degree heat. But, of course I just had to go one last time. I walked around the beautiful grounds, talked to many of my artist friends, and picked up a few gifts for my family and friends along the way. It was magical.

I found so many wonderful gift ideas at the Sawdust Festival that I decided to create a "Winter Fantasy" holiday gift list just for you. Each gift idea is available for you to purchase directly from the artist. You can simply click on the link under each gift idea; and viola! the direct contact information is all there for you. It is my hope that you too can bring a piece of the "magic" of the Sawdust Art Festival into your home.

Holiday Gift Guide
*in no particular order
For Home:

Michael Panetta 

Michael Panetta, Glass Artist

Michael Panetta hand blows the most amazing, colorful, and festive glasses, among other things. We have quite a collection of his glasses in our home. They make the most perfect, stemless wine glass! We also Love them because when you have guests to your home, everyone knows which glass is their's because they are all so unique and different. My husband prefers the big, rounded glass. I Love them all! Price: $35

For Her:

Tuo Designs

Susanna Russell crochets natural linen around gorgeous pieces of turquoise to create these beautiful necklaces. The necklaces come in two different styles: The big pendant of turquoise and The small beaded chain, which can also be wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet. (I hope I am on Santa's "Nice" List.) Price: Between $68-$89

For Child:

Peter Dziulak's Wooden Castle Building Blocks

My son James could not stop playing with these amazing wooden blocks that come together to make exquisite castles, with intricate details of gothic arches, balconies, towers, spires, dormers, and Roman arches. They are an "exquisite inspirational toy that will give you a true sense of achievement and satisfaction with every new creation." Handcrafted from reclaimed and renewable hardwoods, currently a mixture of Alder, Cherry, and Maple. Available with or without a Danish oil finish. Each set comes with a step by step Illustrated Instructions and a money back guarantee. "The highly detailed wooden castle building blocks are not only a wonderful gift, but an engaging conversation piece. These fine blocks are to be shared and enjoyed by the entire family, young and old alike, for Generations to come. A True Keepsake. Think not of this as a child's toy, but as "Art you can play with." (Quotes by, Peter Dziulak, the artist/blocksmith.)
Prices range from $69 for the 67 piece Starter Kit to the  200 piece Deluxe Castle for $239.

For Him:

James Koch Sculpture

We give his gender symbols as a wedding gift to all of our friends.  

I Love the iron sculptures by James Koch. James uses incredible creativity in welding together pieces of iron and metal to create an array of beautiful pieces of art. The chain inspired candlesticks provide a wonderful masculine touch to the home. 

 Thank you Winter Fantasy Art Festival for once again reminding me how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many positive, creative, and Loving people in my life. See you in the summer! xoxo


  1. Wish I could have gone with you! That turquoise jewelery is amazing! Do I need to drop some hints to Steve? Oh wait, the circle rug is your Christmas present! Hahahah


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