Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let it Snow!

I am completely in Love with the beautiful images of snow I see on many of the amazing blogs that I follow daily. The imagery of the glistening frost, the trickling icicles, and the plush blankets of snow covering rooftops, streets, trees, and homes, ironically brings a warmth to my soul.

At my home, we are experiencing unusually warm weather of spring or even summertime. It feels so strange to have decorations of snowmen, snowflakes, and Santa around the home when it doesn't feel like Christmas time outside. I understand that with snow brings cold and inconvenience; but in my case, "the snow is always whiter . . ."

Today I am dreaming of dancing in a snow globe of snowflakes, coming home to the sparkling warmth of a wood burning fire, sitting in a cozy, leather "grandfather"chair, watching the falling snow, and sipping a cup of tea.

So, Thank You to my beautiful blog friends who are sharing their breath-taking images of snow, and inspiring me to dream; especially Marita of Clumsy, Creative Bliss. Amazing! Check her out!

Beautiful snow filled windows at the home of A Lovely Escape. Very Lovely indeed. 

image via weheartit
There is something incredibly inspiring about a long, tree-arched pathway . . . . in the snow.

image via weheartit


xoxo, Samantha


  1. lovely images.
    so many bloggers are soo talented with their images!!
    we will have snow and ice soon...everyone here moans and groans about it but I find it so amazingly magical..the world stops and all is silent and oh so beautiful.
    have a blessed week!

  2. Aw, thank you for the mention ♥
    And what inspiring pictures. It must be strange to have Christmas without snow ! We didn't have any heavy snow here by the sea for a couple of years, but you didn't have to travel for long to get to it. And there would alway be a bit of frost just to remind us that there would be snow, just not right now. Hehe. I'm glad the snow is back in December though :)

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