Friday, December 3, 2010

Love at First Sight!

2001 was the first time I set foot in Laguna Beach, California. I vividly remember driving down the Canyon Road in the back of my Mom's open air Jeep in the summer after I graduated from the University of Virginia. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life; but when I put my feet in the sands of Laguna's beach, I immediately knew that one day my life would bring me back to this place that I would call home. 

I can't pinpoint exactly why I fell in love with Laguna Beach; but I do remember feeling like this place was giving me a great, big hug. From the mountains filled with glistening homes to the majestic ocean that seemed to fit so perfectly with every curve of the shoreline - it was Love at first sight! 

One of my favorite aspects of Laguna are the beautiful homes. Laguna Beach is filled with charming bungalows, cottages, and seaside estates. I can spend a whole day driving up and down the narrow, winding roads along the coast, admiring all of the homes nestled so close together. I day dream about the families, the artists, and the friends who live together in these architectural masterpieces. I look forward to sharing with you intimate pictures of many of my friend's homes. They are a constant source of inspiration. 

Recently, I came across a lovely blog called The Four Tides. The Four Tides are a group of cottages in Laguna Beach that are owned and rented out by a charming woman and her husband. On her blog, she describes The Four Tides as "a place by the ocean, with many visitors - more in the barefoot days of summer. Everyone exhales. Everyone is the type of person who can handle sand in the house and nights on the deck that never seem to end." 

Wouldn't you just Love to stay in one of these romantic cottages for the weekend? I can picture cooking a dinner of fresh caught fish with local, organic vegetables in this delightful kitchen. Eating and drinking with family and friends around this  rustic farm table. And then heading to the deck for lovely candlelit conversations with the sound of the crashing waves and the smell of the sea in the air. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall.

LOVE at first sight.


  1. my mom shared a similar story of her first visit to laguna. she said that once she saw it she knew she had to live there. i think she moved there just a few years later. and i'm so glad she did because i was so lucky to be raised there along that perfect coastline!

  2. I'm instantly smitten myself! Will have to check her out.

  3. Hi Brenda, Your blog is wonderful! Thank you for sharing the Love. I saw that you were featured in Romantic Homes magazine. Coincidentally enough, the editor is the woman behind The Four Tides blog. How cool is that!? xo


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