Friday, December 31, 2010

These are Days

31 days ago, Vintage is for Lovers was born. I never could have imagined that 31 days would develop and become so incredibly enriching, inspiring, fulfilling, motivating, and Loving for me.

I have visited farmhouses, beach houses, and the most magnificant homes. I have enjoyed little glowing lights, cupcakes and cashmere, and fern and feather. I have found a lovely escape, a bijou and boheme, daily imprints, a sacramento street, and clumsy, creative bliss. I have frolic(ed) in what Katie ate, this free bird, shanners in the city, a darjeeling dream, lovely clusters, greige, and a glitterball. And I am excited for some bliss, Hannah and LandonLady Grey, a little hamster, a habit of art, some bohemian punk, the english muse, going home to roost, gathering spriggs, bugs and fishes, my flights of whimsy, a beautifulness, a morning cloak, a plush palate, and a pure green design.

But most importantly, I can't say goodbye to 2010 without saying Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of my Lovers and friends, old and new. Cheers to a happy, healthy, and inspiring 2011 filled with lots and lots of Love and light! These are days . . . to remember . . .

xo Samantha


  1. lovely post! cheers to 2011!

    ps - that recipe looks delicious. will have to try that!

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