Monday, December 27, 2010

You're Invited!

I am amazed how quickly the holidays have come and past. I know many of you are still living in, and hopefully enjoying, your Winter Wonderland; but the Southern California sun is shining brightly in anticipation of the New Year just around the corner. We were able to enjoy a couple hours of snow right before Christmas. We took a short jaunt to the Southern California mountains with my husband and his family. It was so wonderful to see our sons enjoying the snow for the first time.

I finally took some time to "slow dance" this past weekend; and now, as I sit to reflect back on the season, it was the joys, blessings, and happiness my family and I shared around the Farm Table that hold my favorite memories this Christmas. What are your favorite memories?

Our Farm table decorated with an all natural evergreen and holly "table runner," mercury glass tea light holders of silver and red nestled between the branches, hurricane lanterns with tall, red tapers to boot, and the most lovely vintage inspired centerpiece.

I think I should title this picture: Sippy Cup of Wine

My place setting. Yummy in so many ways.

On all of our other tables throughout our home, I always use vintage tablecloths from my collection.

Our Christmas dinner was much more relaxed. I Love dining on shrimp covered in Old Bay. It is a special 'ode to my Virginia roots in the Chesapeake Bay.

Dear Farm Table, Thank you for the good food, good laughs, and amazing company! Love, Your Hostess


  1. i kinda thought this was going to be a dinner invitation!! hahaha!

    thank you for inviting us into your beautiful home, and i've got to say, it looks so gorgeous for the holidays!

  2. Beautiful and I agree, there's nothing like a farm table to bring people together. I love how warm and inviting yours looks- gorgeous!


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