Sunday, January 2, 2011

A California New Year

Happy New Year! Did anyone else find it incredibly cool that the New Year started with a 1.1.11!? I think it is a sign that we are embarking on a very special year. Our New Year's Eve was not spent out on the town with sparklers in hand. Instead, we had a very relaxing and rejuvenating New Year's weekend with our baby boys. It was a reflection and a reminder of all we have and all we have to look forward to in the year(s) ahead.

Many times the day to day life of raising two baby boys as a stay at home Mom puts blinders on my head. I get overwhelmed with the laundry lists of care and Love. But after this weekend, I am newly committed to not only embracing these challenges, I welcome them. I have the inspirational tools in place; and I am ready to use them, learn from them, and share them with you throughout this New Year! (But, of course, with my own bohemian, Californian style twist!)

Our New Year Weekend began with . . .

A Dream

and a Reflection
of all we have . . . and all we have to look forward to!

The weekend was topped off with amazing food

amazing music

and a whole lot of Love!!

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