Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Inspired Space

When I read a lovely post by one of my blogger friends, I always wonder what their "work" space looks like? Are you writing from a desk in an inspired space? Are there pictures of family, friends, and inspirations surrounding you? Or do you prefer to work in a space with clean lines and minimal imagery? Do you have a view of nature or do you prefer a dark and quiet space? 

I have discovered that my ideal "work" space resembles that of an old library. I love libraries. I love the coziness I feel in a room filled with shelves and shelves of books. I love the smell of the books as you crack open their pages. I love the history that fills the walls and the energy of education in the air. 

The McGregor Room in Alderman Library at the University of Virginia. I spent many a sleepless nights in this library. Hmmm  . . . maybe that would explain my Love for old libraries!?

Nickel Cobalt





The last image is my girl Mary Randolph Carter's desk at Ralph Lauren. You can read more about my Love affair with MRC here. I Love the incorporation of the vintage cabinents, the use of the school house chalkboard, the books, the photos, and the abundance of vintage treasures throughout the spaces in each of these images. I am now so inspired to play around in my office. I will be sure to post pictures!



  1. love 2 through 5 and number 7 too!!!
    vintage makes everything feel so luxurious while cozy at the same time...
    happy wednesday!

  2. thank you dear for your comment!
    i'm so happy to read every comments! :-)
    your blog is very interesting ! love it <3 maybe we can follow each other?

    if you wanna follow me on facebook

  3. I always love to imagine what others' work spaces look like! Love the name of your blog :)
    p.s I'm your newest follower.

  4. these work spaces are lovely! i love the third and fourth. :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. I love the third workspace. I love the simplicity of it. I also find the sixth workspace ideal. Maybe it's the spaciousness of it.

  6. my blogging workspace is my comfy bed...hahaha. i'm so lazy.
    wonderful blog :)

  7. of course dear, now i follow you :-)

    xoxo , Alessandra <3

  8. I do wonder where people blog from!! I blog from my bed early in the I wake up early and have always loved doing work in my bed! Even in bed was my place to study! Happy Thursday! Caroline

  9. I love old libraries too. Great pics!

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