Thursday, January 13, 2011

Living the Dream:Part 2

Wow! What an amazing day in Pasadena! The LTD365 conference was everything I had hoped for and more! I am so excited to share some really cool things with you . . . But first, go pour yourself something to drink, and I will too. I promise you will need a refreshment after you hear all of this juicy information! Cheers my Loves!


Top Ten Most Inspiring Words I Heard Today

1. Embrace your Grace!
2. Connect with people you are genuinely interested in. Friendship first!
3. It is all about Patience and Persistance!
4. Give your special, unique voice to everything you do.
5. Be Transparent.
6. Find your Tribe, the group of people in your life that can help you and support you in achieving your dreams.
7. Be a Go Getter! Pitch to people, Ask for what you want!
8. Own your company name and stand behind the concept of your business.
9. Value yourself by your aspirations, not your limitations.
10. PASSION!!! If it is your passion - You do it!

Valuable Resources

Carly Knobloch's for all your daily techy information. Carly also recommends the products and software at She especially Loves the "Backpack" application for organizing all of your images, etc.

Laura Roeder is a weath of information and her website Get The Dash is THE place for "people wanting to make a difference online but don't know where to begin."

Britt Michaelian asks the right questions! And her company is specifically designed to help support Moms, like me, who want to live their dream job, and maintain a balanced family life! Wow! Check her out at

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed my time today at LTD365! Oh! And in case you were wondering what I wore . . . . It was vintage. It was beachy. And it was so ME!

Vintage Dress by Mara Hoffman
Vintage Boots from Brooklyn Flea Market
Turquoise jewelry by Greg Thorne
Charm necklace by Yours truly.


  1. i wish i had known about this conference! thanks for sharing...have a great weekend!

  2. i bet it was great! so glad you were able to make it!
    lets catch up soon, i wanna hear all about it!!


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