Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Love of a Bohemian Mama

I never knew so much about myself until I had my two baby boys. I found strength that I never knew I was capable of.  I found patience that I definitely didn't have before. But most importantly, I found a Love in my heart that has transformed me completely.

Vintage is for Lovers would not be complete if I didn't share my Love of being a Bohemian Mama with you. So now, one day every week, I will share my inspirations, my thoughts, and my finds on anything and everything related to family. So here it goes . . . I hope you enjoy what I will call: "The Love of a Bohemian Mama."

The Love of a Bohemian Mama: Felt

Felt is the ultimate ecological textile, and also incredibly soft; thus making it the perfect material for children to create and play with. 

Recently, I became so inspired by a DIY post on felt boards that one of my favorite bloggers, Alexis shared on her blog, Fern and Feather. Alexis made the most amazing felt board, along with the most creative felt objects, for her son; and the best part is she makes it sound so easy! 

Isn't she a wildly talented and creative Mama!!?? And is that not the cutest little tooshie pic!!??

Ok, so here is how Alexis did it: "I just had a piece of plywood cut, staple gunned some blue and green felt, cut out some stuff and there you go... complete!" 

What is so cool to me is how the felt pieces just stick to the felt board like magic! I am so excited to make one for my boys! They are going to Love it! 



  1. I love it!! It's so interesting that you mention felt. When I was at the Flea this past weekend I saw so many children's costumes made from felt and it took me right back to the felt days like you pictured above. Awesome!!


  2. i like felt! i remember school projects we made back in elementary school using felt, so much fun!

    <3, Mimi

  3. what a cute photo of your lil one!!

  4. What a great project for your children to enjoy!! Take care, Caroline


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