Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Vintage 13

In my goal to get more organized this year, I went through my entire closet and decided that it was time to say goodbye to many of the vintage dresses in my collection. I have a name and story for each of them, so it is a little sad to see them go; but I know that they will all find beautiful homes. And I was incredibly lucky to have my favorite vintage store in Laguna Beach adopt all 13 of them. Thank you Rachiel and Macalistaire at 1850!!

I find it so interesting that with every new year, my style changes and becomes more of an expression of the ever-evolving creation of Me; the Me that has grown, changed, and come undone with every passing year. So it was only natural that the 80s vintage that screamed: "Here I am!" is gone and the new "Earth Mama" is here to stay awhile. Some may call it hippie, I call it authentic.

So here are my 13 vintage dream replacements for the 13 that have travelled on . . .

Images via Bohemian Punk, We Heart It, my inspiration board collection


  1. I love going through my stuff and getting rid of things that I just don't use or wear anymore...so refreshing to give them away! Can't wait to see some of the new vintage items you get!! Take care, Caroline

  2. 13?! wow, so many beauties to part with....love these too though, oh one can admire!!

  3. If you decide to give away shoes, I wear an 8 1/2.

  4. Love the ethnic flare of your dream replacements!

  5. If you find #1 and #3 and OMG all of them can we discuss sharing?? Nicole Richie's stuff makes me wanna go screaming with glee!! Too bad it's $400!!


  6. ps-he got my gypsyz somewhere in manhattan beach. want me to find out where? if i see them on sale or for a decent price i'll alert you pronto!!


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