Monday, January 3, 2011

The Vintage Journal

I believe that keeping a journal of your daily thoughts, ideas, perspectives, feelings, gratitudes etc., is a very positive and Loving way to honor yourself. It is a process; and many times people get discouraged because they analyize too much of what they are writing and how the sentences are coming together. I say: Just write! Grab your favorite writing instrument and just go at it. Be random. Be spontaneous. Have fun!

It all starts with that "perfect" notebook to journal. I am in Love with the journals that I have piled next to my bed and in my office. I found them at a craft fair in Los Angeles last year. They make me smile every time I look at them. They are vintage, they are recycled, and they are fabulous!

Ex Libris Anonymous makes handmade, one of a kind recycled books for journaling. They are made out of vintage cookbooks, Little Golden books, Dr. Seuss books, Nancy Drew/Hardy books, and many others. Each journal is spiral bound, cost $13 (including domestic shipping), and even has pages from the actual vintage books placed randomly throughout your journal. Currently, I am writing in my "Better Homes & Gardens: Birthdays and family Celebrations" journal. You can find them here.

Tyler Bender Book Co.  makes colorful notebooks and journals out of recycled, vintage library books. Each book cover is meticulously resized and reinforced. They look so perfect on a book shelf to cherish year after year. The favorite in my collection is a small journal titled: The Flower Finder by, George L. Walton, M.D. Each journal is approximately $29.50. You can also find Tyler Bender on

How many Love letters have you written lately?

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