Monday, January 10, 2011

A Wild Omen

Yesterday we took James and Oliver to the San Diego Zoo. Both boys are fascinated with animals. James has never been interested in cars or trains. He has always Loved animals in his short 2 years of life, and his brother is following in his tiny footsteps. I too Love seeing all the beautiful animals; but I think of it more as a way to introduce my children to conservation and appreciation. I don't really Love seeing the animals in such confined spaces, behind bars and plexi glass, being gawked at by thousands of people a day. All in all, we had a lovely time; and a feather fell on me . . .

James & Oliver

The Hippo says: "What's up?"

I have always been a collector of feathers. Feathers are a beautiful omen. "Throughout history, feathers have served as spiritual symbols for shamans and priests, as symbols of royalty for kings and chiefs, symbols of healing, or symbols of sacred power for cultures as far back as ancient Egyptian, Asian or Celtic eras. These cultures possessed abilities to communicate with nature in ways that have been overlooked or forgotten in our own time.Yet feathers are more than history. For many, they are mystical signs, messages, or opportunities. They are scraps of synchronicity in the flowing patchwork of universal meanings. They appear in unlikely places as assurances of well-being, as a comforting sign of abundance in the universe, and as unmistakable messengers of hope and encouragement. Their ephemeral grace makes them the perfect emissaries of spiritual and emotional freedom." (Excerpt from "Sacred Feathers" by, Mani Crabtree.)

Images via We Heart It, The Fairytale, and Coyote Spirit Child

When was the last time you noticed a feather from the sky?


  1. oh my goodness the picture of the boys is too precious!

  2. xo!


  3. yes a feather extension it is so cute, my sister in law has one that blends in with her hair color its really the post ;) xo

  4. Love this, yes we have a lot in common!!!

    You can see my vintage jewels on my site, there's a pink button to the right that will link you to my Etsy store. I'm so glad you found LF!


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