Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lovers Lane

Lovers Lane: Minuet Raven Sandifer

Meet my lovely "sister" Minuet. Minuet is not actually my sister; but she is my youngest brother, Elliott's one true Love. When I was first introduced to Minuet, I immediately noticed how wise she was beyond her years. Minuet has a confidence and gracefulness to her that speaks directly to her culture and history of growing up in a Native American community in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Native Americans have a vibrant culture founded in their Love and appreciation for all living creatures, the land, and most importantly, their tribe of family. Minuet shares this profound Love and appreciation for her family; and more specifically, a great admiration for the personal style of her Grandmother and Mom; and how they would pair gorgeous, traditional turquoise pieces of jewelry with every day clothing. (Can you imagine how amazing they must be!?)

At a very young age, Minuet began collecting beads with the dream of creating the jewelry she admired as a child. Today, Minuet is following her dream into reality; with her signature collection that combines the tradition of the past with the inspiration of today's modern style. 

Minuet Raven Designs is a collection of necklaces and bracelets made with beautiful vintage beads of glass, semi precious stones, turquoise, and fetishes. 




Minuet's Fetish Collection is my absolute favorite!  I Love the history and beliefs of Native Americans' fetishes. (And we are not talking about the kind that involves fishnets, black leather, and red spiky heels. Believe me, that is what first came to my naughty mind when Minuet was introducing me to her jewelry.) No, Native Americans have a beautiful belief that fetishes, otherwise known as "animal charms," have "magic powers that are used to assist against potential problems involving mind, body, or universe. Each animal has a specific power of meaning. Most fetishes relate to animals of prey, which are acknowledged as the most powerful providers in life; and therefore are accepted as having great powers and strong hearts. The animal spirit is thought to reside in the stone and to provide protection, healing, strength, and good fortune. Native Americans sometimes adorn their fetishes with turquoise, coral, arrowheads, etc., to show affection and appreciation; for it is believed that the better the treatment the fetish receives, the better the performance it will provide." Minuet names each of her pieces; and if you click on the name, you will be connected to her website with all the detailed information for each piece.  




Minuet's 2011 Collection is amazing! Each statement piece is strung together with a story of inspiration and Love. Minuet creates each piece in her jewelry collection with its' vision as an heirloom, to be passed down through generations, in the similar fashion and style of her Grandmother and Mom, and in honor of family, culture, and tradition. 

1. Where do you find your daily inspiration? I am inspired by my surroundings, beautiful scenery, and beautiful people (inside and out.)

2. What is your most treasured item in your home? 
Antique photographs of my family. I have photos of my Aunts in the 60's making dresses, photos of my Grandpa's farm in Texas, and a photo of my great-great grandparents having a "picnic," all posing on a Model T - the coolest thing! I hope to make a collage with them.

3. What is your favorite comfort food? 
Southern food -  Mashed potatoes and Sopapillas from New Mexico.

4. When did you realize that you were an artist? 
When I was 9 years old I would glue beads and charms to rocks and sell them. My older sister still keeps one on her bookshelf. It's not the prettiest thing; but it's ART! 

5. Best advice you ever received? 
My Mom always told me to be myself and create by my own inspiration, not according to what other people are doing at the time.

6. Your best advice to an aspiring artist? 
Do what you love.

7. What is one thing people would not know about you? 
I love to play the piano and singI sang in my church choir and praise team for many years.

8. Are you a Lover of Vintage? 
Yes, Yes and YES! I love all things vintage! I admire 50's vintage dresses. I wish all women still dressed like Kim Novac.

9. Where can we find you next? (Blog Lovers get attached easily) 
On my website, www.minuetravendesigns.com or on my facebook page! I also have an amazing Summer 2011 collection coming soon!

10. What is your favorite thing to wear? 
Big, chunky turquoise jewelry. Can't live without it!


  1. savannah is simply gorgeous - i love the designs

    stop by sometime<3

  2. love this post - her skirt looks gorgeous!

  3. What gorgeous pieces! I'm so delighted to discover your blog-it's a total dream!

    xo, Lena

  4. Wow!! The Marissa is my total FAV! So gorgeous and unique...

  5. Awesome line, great backstory and I love the mysticism that runs through it! xo

  6. I have one of Minuet's necklaces. I display it on my wall when I am not wearing it because It is so beautiful!


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