Monday, February 7, 2011

Vintage Treasures

Yesterday turned out to be another successful treasure hunting adventure! Not only did I find some wonderful pieces for our home and for a project I am working on; but I met a lovely woman named Cathy who was introduced to me through a mutual friend named Anna.  Cathy is an amazing artist. I look forward to introducing you to both Anna and Cathy on Lovers Lane. Don't you just Love meeting new people that you instantly connect with, and know you will be friends with forever?!

I had a similar feeling when I laid eyes on these treasures at the Irvine Valley Flea Market on Sunday.

Right now California is feeling a lot like swimsuit weather. I Love this hilarious sign and think it will be perfect in our backyard. If you would Love to see the rest of our sign collection, please visit here

After finding the "Swimsuit" sign, I was immediately in a humor filled mood. So when I saw this 1970s "Nut Machine," I had to bring her home. When you pull her handle she dispenses nuts, candy, or what ever else suits your fancy. My boys are going to have so much fun with this vintage treasure! 

I am always on the hunt for innovative containers to hide the mess! I think this perfectly rusted, metal, vintage, school book box will be perfect for holding all of our arts and crafts supplies. 

I am in Love with seahorses! We have pops of seahorse nostalgia all over our home. I was jumping with joy when I found this needlepoint seahorse pillow with colors of corals, browns, creams, and yellows. 

I want to frame her and put her on our wall! She is my mandala! 

My Loves. 
You can get a sneak peek at my vintage quilt collection here and here.

Vintage French lace heart pillow. Enough said.



  1. SAM!! I picked that Seahorse pillow up and put her back not sure if you would like it. I love that she made it into your home even if I wasn't the one to get her for you. That is just insane!

  2. I love all the quilts. So gorgeous!

  3. Great finds lady, that nut dispenser is every kids dream! Can't wait to see you next week. xo

  4. hi samantha! just got your comment..what a SMALL world! i'm from good 'ol richmond, va and have the southern accent to prove it. HAHA!!!! i just passed through dana point today on the way to balboa island with the family. so glad you found my blog!!! off to catch up on yours now:)

  5. Oh my golly! You really did find some fantastic things -- I love that sign! I feel like I haven't been to any good flea markets here in Southern CA at all. Maybe I just haven't been going to the right ones?

  6. so glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours! We moved here from Charleston, SC! My son is 19 months old - killing me! Time really does fly as you said. I am loving looking at your store right now! Great blog.


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