Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love Links

Love Links: Ten Things I am Loving on this Week

1. Love vintage suitcases doubling as the perfect storage spaces, found on Heart Handmade.

2. Love vintage up-cycled pouches, inspired by the bohemian beach culture of Mexico, created by Scout & Catalogue.

3. Love all of the creative uses for a vintage cabinet full of drawers, found on Oh Hello Friend.

4. Love the vintage inspired napkin invitation, by Bird and Banner found on Truly Smitten.

5. Love these super fun and festive party straws, by Emerald and Ella, found on Hooray Design.

6. Love all the patchwork floral prints on this amazing car.

7. Love the creative use of a jump rope to display kids' art, found on LIVE LOVE SMALL.

8. Love the art wallpaper by Studio Violet, found on Studio Nommo.

9. Love everything hand crafted by Ann Wood.

10. Love my 2 year old son, James' drawing of the ocean.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Oh wow! James is an artist! How cute!
    See you soon... and have fun tomorrow!

  2. Those pouches are adorable and I cant get over those flower drawers. So creative! Happy Sunday, my dear

  3. i really love the scout and catalogue bags! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  4. You always have the best links! Love this stuff...xo

  5. love the vintage suitcase and pouches!


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