Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love Links

Love Links: Ten Things I am Loving on this Week

1. Love the Confetti Invitation DIY, by oh happy day

2. Love this bokeh image, found on beach bungalow 8

3. Love my little gypsy discovery.

4. Love the hardware store, hex nut bracelet DIY, found on vojacque

5. Love the color in Kristina Klarin's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. 

6. Love these We Heart Paper letterpress notecards, perfect for Oliver's thank you notes, found on Not Your Average Ordinary.  

7. Love everything in this rock n' roll, vintage inspired, April 2008 French Vogue spread, found on The Immortal Rose.

8. Love the bohemian, feather extension trend, found on very Lovely ladies. 
(Getting my feather on today!) 

9. Love letters in the mail.

10. Love how tonight we will experience a Supermoon! Enjoy!

Wishing you a lovely weekend! 



  1. I can't wait for the Supermoon -- I'm thinking of a trip to go see it better, but that might be too much driving for me. And I think the moustache cards will be perfect thank you notes. They're practically smiles all on their own.

  2. thank you for linking me, lovely! ♥ i'm loving the confetti invitation DIY!

  3. Thank you for sharing my link… I have now added you to my reading list :-)

    I love, love, love the bohemian feather hair clip - such a hot accessory to invest in right now.


  4. you sweet thing! thanks for the link. have a fabulous weekend! xoxoxo.

  5. lovely pictures!! I love packages in the mail :)

    Fashion Rehab

  6. Hi darling!! Love that bracelet and the paint by flowers, too cute. Miss you!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xoxo

  7. The confetti invitations, my gosh!

  8. Those are such a great links, sweetie. The bracelet is amazing:) Kisses and hugs, Have a fantastic Monday

  9. What a great way to start my morning with these lovely links. The feathers are super cool, my cousin got feather extensions put in her hair, so amazing. Have a great week!

  10. We must have incredible similar tastes, because I LOVE ALL THOSE THINGS TOO. But when they are compiled, it makes everything even better. Great post.

    Sadly, the clouds kept the supermoon in hiding, but I love seeing everyone's photos.

  11. love your pics. I adore the feather extensions, those bracelets rock and that 'stache stationary is so awesome!

  12. All these things are so great!

    I just found your blog and I love it!


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