Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Love of a Bohemian Mama

The Love of a Bohemian Mama: Back to the Roots

One of the most important things I want for my children, is for them to grow up in a sustainable world; for without sustainability, there is no future. I believe that in order for this to happen, we must begin at home, with applying sustainability practices to everything that we do, eat, and create. 

In our home, we recycle, we support our local farms through our weekly home delivery of farm fresh, organic produce, we are conscious of our usage of water, gas, and electricity, and we try to only use products that are environmentally friendly. (We are currently working on developing a compost system.) It is our hope, that these awareness practices will be learned, valued, and passed on by our children. 

I am always looking for new ideas and resources to help support a sustainable lifestyle; so when I recently visited our local Whole Foods, I was incredibly excited to discover a new company called Back to the Roots. Back to the Roots is a company whose mission and focus it is to bring sustainable, local farming right to your home, through the invention of their Mushroom Garden Kit


The Mushroom Garden Kit contains everything you need to grow your own crops of fresh and tasty pearl oyster mushrooms directly out of its' box filled with 100% recycled coffee grounds. How cool and amazing is that!? And with three easy steps: Open, Mist, and Harvest, any child or adult can grow mushrooms, in their own home, and in as short as a week's time.

I am so excited to start harvesting our mushrooms; 
and I know our boys are going to Love watching them grow! 



  1. Okay, this may be one of the coolest things I have ever seen!! If I could find a way to grow them without the cats eating them I would buy instantly!

  2. this is rad. i would totally do this, but i kill all plants... i couldn't even keep basil alive... so it depends on the work involved. how often do you mist!? haha.
    a giveaway!!! yay!!!

  3. Hey everyone! Thanks for all the support -- I'm Alex, the co-founder along with Nikhil and just wanted to thank you so much for the post and awesome comments! :) To answer a couple questions here, the cats actually will not eat them (surprisingly, it's a question we get asked often!)... also, we 100% stand behind the product --it's super easy to do all you do is mist once / day and within 10-14 days you get your first crop... open the backside and get another one!! :)

    Our website is and if you are interested email Samantha directly and we'll give her a 25% off coupon for your purchase for her to give to you.


  4. wow! what a great idea... my boyfriend would LOVE this idea. he was just saying the other day that he wants to figure out a way to grow non-posinous mushrooms! great post. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  5. thats a neat idea and I do love to eat mushrooms so I bet growing them would be fun

  6. What a great concept! Your children are so lucky, the world needs more women like you at the forefront! xo

  7. great great great! Great idea and great packaging :)I'll buy a kit!


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