Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lovers Lane

I have to say that there is something so incredibly fun and refreshing about a group of women, (and men), who Love sweets so much that we blog, pin, and tweet their images, descriptions, and recipes, all day long. Conversations, relationships, and even network shows are created and developed because of them. Cake and cupcake shops are popping up all over the world.

Even still, it is very difficult to find quality, artistry, and authenticity in the sweets world. Cupcakes and cakes are turning into smoke and mirrors, with their fancy packaging and designer logos. And I am still in disbelief over a show entitled, "Cupcake Wars." Seriously!? I don't think the words, Cupcake and War, should ever be in the same sentence.

Historically, sweets are thought to be made with Love; and complimented by an undeniable comfort, playfulness, and pleasure in every delicious bite. Isn't that why we Love them so much!?

Lovers Lane: Lyndsay Sung

Meet hipster, homemaker, arts and crafts teacher, performer, ice cream, cupcake, and cake creator,  blogger, photographer, coolest chick ever, wanna be her, Lyndsay Sung. Lyndsay Sung is Coco Cake Cupcakes; a Vancouver, BC boutique that specializes in custom-designed, vintage-feel, deluxe cupcakes and cakes, baked from scratch with high quality ingredients. (Did you get all that!?) 

But as you can see, Lyndsay Sung is not solely Coco Cake Cupcakes; and she wasn't always a baker and ice cream maker. Actually, she has no professional culinary training or education. It all began with a Kitchen Aid wedding gift from her Grandmother, mixed with instructions from vintage baking and pastry books, topped with inspirations from vintage children's books. And viola! Lyndsay succeeded in learning how to bake and decorate, with old school buttercream piping techniques, using her unique passions and artistic creativity. 

Lyndsay's "joy lies in creating super delicious, artful, beautiful, and sometimes comedy-inducing cakes and cupcakes for some truly excellent people." From "cupcaked-out kids' parties" to a "peacock, 20's meets 50's themed wedding," Lyndsay does it all, with her unmatched creativity, infectious amount of fun, and amazing menu of flavours! 

The Coco Cake flavours include, Coco Cake Vanilla, Coco Cake Chocolate, Coco Ganache, Coco Choco Peppermint, Lemon Frill, Coconut Dream, Brown Velour, Berry Good, Earl Grey, Coco Cake Matcha, Coco Cake Snowball, Raspberry Rose, Chai Tea. Lyndsay artistically combines these flavours with amazing, customized color combinations. 

From apples and pineapples to steak and fish, Lyndsay's "fake food cakes and cupcakes are probably one of (her) top favourite types of cakes to make, (mainly because) they are hilarious!" Lyndsay's blog Coco Cake Cupcakes, is full of amazing photos, hilarious descriptions, and wonderful DIY tutorials. Recently, I posted Lyndsay's infamous Hamburger, Fries, and Shake Cake on Love Links. The DIY tutorial is on her blog, as well as many others. 

As if you are not already impressed, Lyndsay has three more blogs! Coco Cake Ice cream is a blog full of amazing photos and "ridiculously easy" recipes for such deliciousness as blueberry, earl grey, egg nog, green tea, macaroon, pumpkin pie, raspberry rose, toasted coconut, maple walnut, and cereal milk ice creams and ice cream cakes! Her creations are all inspired by vintage ice cream advertisements. 

Peppermint Pep Ice Cream Pie

Trompe Chomp is Lyndsay's place "to explore the wackier side of food life." Here you will also find beautiful images and descriptions, and the most delicious, impossible to find recipes, from some of the greatest restaurants in the world; including the pizza margarita recipe by Tony's Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco and the "crack pie" recipe from Momofuku. Isn't she just amazing!? 

I have never had more fun reading someone' s answers to the Lovers Lane Questionnaire. So, in the words of Lyndsay Sung,  a "crazy cool" chick taking over the world one cupcake at a time; "Let's roll with it!"

1. Where do you find your daily inspiration? Daily inspiration can be anything from seeing a hilarious cat on the street, to reading an article, to reading a book, seeing something cool online, or being inspired by something super funny my nephew said. 

2. What is your most treasured item in your home? My most treasured item I guess would be… my Kitchen Aid mixmaster? Ahhh probably my husband is my most treasured item at home, haha!

3. What is your favorite comfort food? I love pizza. Like super love. But I try not to eat it too much, as it’s not the healthiest thing ever!

4. When did you realize that you were an artist? I still find the moniker of “artist” as slightly uncomfortable/potentially pretentious. I see myself as someone who just makes stuff and is interested in lots of different ways of creating, whether it’s food or music!

5. Best advice you ever received? RLX2011, which just means to relax! It started with RLX2010; and next year’s motto will be RLX2012!!  

6. Your best advice to an aspiring artist? Work hard and be humble about what you do. Always continue to learn and grow. Art is about process – enjoy the process and where it can take you. Creative problem-solving can only help you in all areas of life. Be open. Have a sense of humour and be professional!

7. What is one thing people would not know about you? I guess that I’m pretty athletic! Generally it’s an either/or category, you’re either into art or sports. But I love playing sports, running, playing football and basketball! 

8. Are you a Lover of Vintage? My cake business is based around the idea of vintage baking techniques! I love the look of 1960s/1970s frosted/piped cakes. My entire house is made up of vintage furniture. I love vintage. I have all of my parents’ old furniture from the late 1960s and early 1970s, including a white tulip table and their teak credenza. We inherited my husband’s grandparents’ bedroom set from the 1940s. I have a closetful of vintage clothing and vintage boots, along with a strong love for more local/indie designers. I have a love and respect for all things old, nostalgic… I’m a pretty nostalgic person! 

9. Where can we find you next? I’m always blogging. Cakes, food, ice cream! 

10. What is your favorite thing to wear? Currently I’m loving my Obakki ( button up shirts and Dace ( anorak rain jacket. (Both Obakki and Dace are from Vancouver, BC)… my Rachel Comey brogues and Hussein Chalayan station pocket coat (a lifetime investment!). But probably my favourite thing to wear is my vintage Garfield tshirt dress! It is so comfortable… and I love Garfield! Haha. 


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment! I followed back!
    Well, it's probably not that great that I'm 15 years old, haha! And I never thought of the Netherlands being that special to go on vacation or something like that but I hear allot that others do like it allot. Haha, xxx

  2. People with natural ability like that blow me away. Her pineapple cupcake was my favorite!

  3. love these cakes.... hmmm wonder if she could do an ice cream truck for Henry's birthday?? so cute!

  4. omg amazing! that shaggy dog one is so CUTE!

  5. I am CRAZY for that ice cream pie-good heavens, why aren't I eating a slice right now?! Lyndsay has such an amazing sense of humor, too!

  6. Fabulous and yummy, that's a great combination. xo

  7. Really awesome post, Sam! I kinda got stuck on pizza as a comfort food -- it's mine too. And those cakes are so impressive!

  8. Hello there Samantha! Truly what is not to love about cupcakes? I think they are heaven sent. I actually have a friend at work who brings in homemade cupcakes weekly. We sometimes think of new ones she can make to kill time. They are so yummy and fun! Thanks for stopping in. It's always a pleasure : )

  9. So so so cool. I LOVE cakes. I worked at a bakery for 5 years and am pretty good at decorating, but the dog.. SO CUTE. I should try that. Lovely. So talented, very envious :)

    Courtney xoxo

  10. THANK you samantha for this truly sweet interview! xo


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