Monday, April 11, 2011

Home Coming

Dear Loves, 

I am so happy to be home! But, a lot has changed . . . and now I can't help but ask if the "things aren't always what they seem(s)," "one door closes and another open(s)," and the "everything happens for a reason(s)," are believable phrases? Do you believe in these words? Because I do! {or at least I do right now because there is nothing else I can do} 

We went to Marco Island.
{It wasn't at all what it seemed}

But when I came home . . .

free people

tree of life
Magical "doors" opened onto beautiful fields of California native plants and sunshine. 
{and a horse show to boot}

I came home to my everythings. 
 {a constant reminder that there is nothing more important than bubbles and cuddles}

And family!! 
{a special thank you to my dear husband}

And you! 
You brighten my days with your inspiring images, thoughtful words, friendship, positive energy, and most importantly, your Love! 



  1. awww what a great welcome home!! :) happy spring doll. xoxo jcd :: ps im hosting a interior design link up! post about your dream room or decor wishlist and link up at cornflake dreams all week!

  2. So glad you're back! There's really no place like home. No matter where I go, I'm always thrilled to be back again.

  3. You're so cute. What a fab family you have! Can't wait to see you, miss you too! xo

  4. What a lovely post! Yes, about bubbles and children.

    I want to thank you for visiting my little blog and following. I really like what i see here!


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