Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lovers Lane

Until today, Lovers Lane has been a place for me to introduce and showcase artists and their art. But I feel it is time to get a little more personal and intimate; and welcome you into creative homes and spaces on Lovers Lane.  

"For the Love of Old," by Mary Randolph Carter and "Inside the Painter's Studio," by Joe Fig are two of my favorite coffee table books in my collection; because they beautifully display photographs from inside the homes and studios of artists. I am fascinated by and in Love with inspiring homes, magical monuments, and sacred spaces. And while I truly Love introducing you to artists, {and I will certainly continue with my artists' features}; I want to further open the doors of creativity and inspiration!

Lovers Lane: Rancho Toro

Welcome to Rancho Toro, a historic adobe nestled in the majestic hills of Montecito, California; and located on one country acre, surrounded by over three dozen fruit trees, ancient oak trees, and a running creek. Rancho Toro is the home of my Mom, Barbara, and her husband, Bob; who redesigned and reinvented the adobe and surrounding property with a commitment to preserving and maintaining its' history and charm. 

Built in 1948, by the Aguilar brothers, Rancho Toro represents the love for travel, culture, and the environment, that my Mom and Bob share together. From the planting of only indigenous, Californian plants, to the up-cycling of Mexican doors for wood throughout the home, my Mom and Bob were calculated and meticulous in their decision making of all building materials, lighting, and vegetation, for the restoration of their historic adobe.  

Original vintage door from Mexico
Cultural art vignettes in every room
Fruit from their trees

The dining room with chairs up-cycled using vintage, embroidered dresses from Honduras. 
The Toro is honored throughout the adobe

Mom's desk
Mom's meditation altar

Mom's milagros charms and prayer beads

My Mom is an artist and philanthropist, who travels all over the world in an inspired mission to help preserve the arts of indigenous people. Her interior and exterior design reflects this love and commitment. 

Rancho Toro is a magical and inspired space for meditation, relaxation, and exploration. 
And we feel so blessed to call it our home. 



  1. Holy cow, can I go with you sometime??? What a dream!!!

    Can't wait to see you Thursday, so excited!! xoxo

  2. Oh darling, thank you for sharing this-what an incredibly beautiful home, and a magnificent space!

  3. This place is magnificent. I want to go too. I can so see myself relaxing in that hammock and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

  4. What a special place! Your mom sounds like an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing.

  5. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bloomgrowlove/4476633020/in/faves-rosamarrero/

  6. It's been too long since I stopped by! Your mom's place is fabulous and I really enjoyed the tour.


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