Friday, June 17, 2011

Love Links

Top Ten Things I am Loving on this Week


1. Love free people and all of their vintage yumminess, found on La Feem
{aztec obsession in full effect}

2. Love carrot + coriander on etsy, found on the wishful nals
{shop is amazing}

3. Love this new "children's book,"found here

4. Love the idea of setting up a backyard movie sesh, found on live, love, small
{welcome summer}

5. Love my new thunderbird bracelet, by a common thread!
{her shop is amazing}

6. Love the crab claw bracelet, by tiffany chou, found on dilly dallas.
{still dreaming of my chesapeake bay blue crabs}

6. Love a DIY for homemade glitter, found on Sprinkles and Sequins
{love. love. love}

7. Love this printable placemat, by Mrs. Lilien
{a proper table setting after my own heart}

8. Love this pillow, found on pinterest.
{my new summer mantra}

9. Love this creativity with crayons, made by The Girl is Craftee with her daughter. 
{best teacher gift}

10. Love to my husband, Steve, and to my Dad! 


  1. Love that pillow and need to know how to make my own glitter.

  2. Go the F**k to Sleep CRACKS ME UP, and I don't even have kids! Have a wonderful weekend with those amazing men in your life!

    xox, Lena

  3. I'm loving the pillow. I've been seeing a few like this and I'm getting the itch to make one. I found one on pinterest that looks like a postage envelope. Super cute.

    - Sarah

  4. OMG ~ love these selections!! The book went on my wishlist, the thunderbird bracelet is gorgeous, and I definitely will be making the crayon initials this weekend for teacher gifts! Thanks for the sharing! Have a great weekend!

  5. Love these pictures! The first one is my favorite! =)

  6. Thank you for sharing! Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. i love the thunderbird bracelet and the pillow!

  8. that childrens book is so priceless :)

  9. I'm so in love with that Free People outfit as well....great list!

    It was fabulous to see you Sat!! You looked smashing. xo

  10. love her shorts and belt, and the cinema sesh, and what a cool thunderbird bracelet!

    hated that book myself.

    and cool pillow!


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