Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lovers Lane

Do you ever find yourself wondering where the time has gone? Many days I am in awe by my relationship with time and how quickly it seems to go by; and all the while, I am simply trying to catch up while remembering to enjoy each and every moment. Maybe if we just stand still in nature and observe the space around us, instead of rushing to cross items off of our "to do" list, we will become one with time? Either way, there is something incredibly important and inherently beautiful in the stillness of imagery and observation. I was recently reminded of this when I interviewed Kristina Klarin for Lovers Lane.

Lovers Lane: Kristina Klarin

Meet the colorfully inspiring, Kristina Klarin. Kristina is a Milan based former fashion designer who turned her love for creating brilliant color palettes into a very successful jewelry collection. Her hand painted wooden beads, artfully designed into necklaces of all shapes and sizes, are beautiful examples of Kristina's authenticity as an artist.  

On her self titled blog, Kristina Klarin shares personal photos, from which, she creates color palettes that magically open up a world of imagination and inspiration for her readers, and for her jewelry collections. 
After discovering Kristina, I began to look at my surrounding in a whole new light. What was once a green leaf, soon became a light green, dark green, sea green, sunshine yellow, mustard yellow, brown, and burnt orange, leaf. I developed an awareness and appreciation of a world of color that was more intricate and delicate than I could have ever imagined. Kristina Klarin's jewelry collections are statement pieces that represent and reflect this awakening to the world of color. 

Above are examples of how Kristina takes a photo and then artfully creates a color palette to match; 
thus providing her with visual inspirations used for the creations of her hand painted bead necklaces. 

Tangerine Necklace, Large
Colors: tangerine, fuxia, rose sorbet, lucite green, lemonade yellow, ice, white, and quarry
Lemonade Yellow Necklace, Large
Colors: quarry, french beige, ice, rose sorbet, lagoon, lemonade yellow, white, dried herb, orchid hush
Purple Necklace, Butterfly
Colors: ultramarine deep blue, fuxia, purple, sugar plum, curacao, red

Colors: purple, ultramarine deep blue, fuxia, rose sorbet, blu curacao, red, lucite green

Kristina Klarin is not only an incredibly creative person; she is also just as cheerful, warm, and loving as her art. And when asked to answer the questions for The Lovers Lane Questionnaire, she created the most colorful, detailed, and inspiring responses. Who wouldn't want to be {or own} a part of her world?

1. Where do you find your daily inspiration? I get inspired by so many thing but when I'm having difficulty I love to browse magazines like BloomElle decoration,LulaMilk, blogs and books.

2. What is your most treasured item in your home? I guess it's my desk, I bought it last year, it's from twenties and it was used to make pasta- that wooden barrier served to keep the flour from falling and it's so useful for my beads,too.I love to think about the large quantity of tagliatelle that unknown lady made on it for her family lunches

3. What is your favorite comfort food? It's a strange product called Cokolesnik,that I use to eat as a child, and I'm so happy I can still find it in Croatian or Serbian shops, they didn't change neither the packaging. I'm  not sure what is that  actually, I guess very tiny grain flakes flavoured with cacao and hazelnut aroma.

When I'm having trouble falling asleep I mix that with a warm milk and I get my instant sedative,although consistency of this meal reminds me of  Woody Allen's instant pudding in a  Sleeper (go on 5:40 minutes here)

4. When did you realize that you were an artist? I remember that moment very well, I was 5 or 6 years old and my mom was trying to get me out in a condominium garden to play with other children. I was so sad and I explained to her that I prefer much more to just draw the children from our balcony with my new watercolours. From that day on I was allowed to draw on a balcony very often. 

5. Best advice you ever received? I was studying fashion and we were drawing something like 4 collections a year. Despite all the enthusiasm and energy that I was putting into every single project , after finishing each collection, I was embarrassed by how bad it looked to me, despite it being considered very good work. My professor told me that it's was sign that I'm evolving constantly, and that I should be very happy about this feeling. I’m always grateful for this advice.

6. Your best advice to an aspiring artist? Don't doubt about your authentic work.Work hard on it, but don't doubt, one of the worst advice that was given to me was that my work was too much personal, and if I wanted to work well in the fashion industry, then I should put that apart. Not true. I work with more enthusiasm and my work is always more appreciated when there is my authentic voice in it. 

7. What is one thing people would not know about you? I'm passionate about perfumes as much as I am about colours. Unfortunately it's notvsomething we can share through the Internet; but I'm dreaming of a day when we will have some kind of perfume printers with cartridges like lemon, strawberry, bergamot, vanila etc. that will mix together like RGB.

8. Are you a Lover of Vintage? Oh yes I adore the story behind pieces and I love also the low prices on some flea markets!Here are my best finds till now: small Holmegaard vase for 3 euro and Bitossi ram for 1 euro.

9.  Where can we find you next? I'm so excited about some new things happening lately but I'm still not allowed to talk about it. I'll keep you updated! 

10. What is your favorite thing to wear? Right now it's the skirt I made from a fabric found at the flea market - it reminds me of Kenzo autumn winter collection. I love this romantic flowers and pastel colours.


  1. ok, i love the way she matches her necklaces to the pictures, that is very very cool and so great looking! and her answers are so down to earth, she sounds like a great girl!

  2. (ok you just left my favorite comment of all time at my blog, thank you so much for your kind words! it was so thoughtful :))

  3. This post absolutely stopped me in my tracks-ironic, isn't it? Simply stunning.

  4. what a find she is! and how amazing that she's living in milan? ahh, be still my heart.

  5. Love the interview and LOVE those necklaces!

  6. These are gorgeous! Looks like she is soo creative!


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