Friday, June 24, 2011

Merry Go Round

Happy Friday! And as it is the last Friday of the month, {where did the time go?} it is time to jump on the "Merry Go Round;where a group of craftswomen from around the world come together and give their own responses to the same question or art challenge on their blog, and then share the Love. June's art challenge is: We are being inspired by someone else's photo, that they posted on last month's Merry Go Round, and using the inspiration to create something. 

Last month, the lovely Ruth, of Birdland Creations, wrote an enlightening post, entitled "Hope," about the beautiful bald eagle. She wrote: "The story that came with the photo was that in January of this year, the weather was so cold in St. Louis, Missouri that bald eagles could not access fish in the river. This was because the temperature of the water was so cold that the fish had all gone to the bottom of the river and it was too deep for the birds to catch them.  The eages were seen flying over homes, looking for food to eat. Some local residents decided to help them out so that they would survive the cold spell and so started feeding the eagles with fish. When they started, there were just a handful of eagles, but more and more came and enjoyed their free meal."

Bald Eagles have always been one of most magnificent creatures I have ever seen. Their image and symbolism of freedom, opportunity, protection, determination, and inspiration, is why they are held in high esteem in many different cultures around the word. 

Specifically, the Native Americans believe the eagle is sacred. They believe that: "Bald Eagles are the chosen master of the skies by the Creator. This is also because eagles generally fly at a higher altitude than most other birds. This gives them a unique perspective that is unmatched by any other bird. By virtue of their high flying they are considered to be closer to the Creator than all other creatures on earth. The eagle, it is believed, works as a messenger for the Creator. It is tasked with the duty of carrying the prayers of human beings from the earth world to the spirit world where they believed the creator resides. Seeing an eagle during a prayer ceremony was taken as a sign of having one’s prayers accepted. If the Natives wanted the Creator to take immediate notice of them they would hold up an eagle feather in their hands." What a beautiful story. 

I am fascinated with Native American culture and have found myself quite drawn to its' imagery, art, and fashion. Every day I wear two turquoise bracelets made by my amazingly gifted friend, Greg Thorne. Today I went to visit him at the opening of The Sawdust Art Festival; and as we were talking, I looked down to see the most beautiful silver bracelet with a bald eagle artistically etched on top. It was then that I knew, that I must share his handmade bracelet with you, as well as his turquoise bracelets. {I will be introducing you to Greg in more detail on Lovers Lane.} And also because, unlike all of the artistically creative, handmade talent on this Merry Go Round, I consider myself more of a curator of the arts. I can only pray that I can someday find the talent. {i just saw a bald eagle. only kidding.}

Photography by the very talented, Sawdust Art Festival artist, 
Mike Kelly

"Do not allow the illusion of limitation to ground us in our flight."

I Love jumping on the Merry Go Round. If you would like to see what the other, amazingly talented and lovely ladies created from their inspirational photo, please visit their respective blogs! I promise you will enjoy the "ride." 


  1. What a great blog post. So good to read all the Native American background. Thanks. And I love that bracelet. And the photo too!

  2. Love those finds! Perfect photos!

  3. these are beautiful! i think you do a fine job curating the arts!

  4. The turquoise is fabulous! So cool! If you get a chance, check out my Real Housewives of BH post....

    ~ciao from Newport Beach~

  5. Great post! It does complement Ruth's photos well, too.
    I'm in love with those turquoises. I wish I can make such beautiful jewellery someday (scanning the French sky for bold bald eagles...).

  6. wonderful post, sam! my mom had a native american friend long ago, who gave her an eagle feather when she was battling cancer. i think growing up with eagles being an endangered species has made many of us so much more appreciative of their beauty -- even to this day when i see an eagle it is a momentous event. and i hope it always will be!


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