Monday, June 20, 2011

Scenes from a Gifted Weekend!

Baby Shower, hosted by and picture taken by, the lovely Grace

My gift

{Baby Shower Favors, handmade by Grace and Alexis.}

On Saturday, I was incredibly honored to be amongst an amazing group of women, for a baby shower, in celebration of the lovely Alexis.  The baby shower was held at the beautiful home of Grace, whose pictures and post capture the essence of this magical party. The guests at the shower did not know each other for any other reason than we are all bloggers. Our blog world has brought us all together; and it truly is the best gift!

James was so proud of the Father's Day gift he made for his Daddy. 

Today is my husband's birthday. I made him his favorite cake. 
Happy Birthday! 


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  1. i would kill for a piece of that cake right now. cute kid too :)

  2. how sweet! a blogger baby shower, that is just the awesomest!

  3. i've never been to a baby shower that put together! what a lovely day too.
    that cake looks fab, happy birthday to your fella.

  4. You truly had a magical weekend! It was so wonderful meeting you on Saturday, Sam! And your gift was so cute and sweet!

  5. What a sweet shower! Can I just say ... that strawberry cake looks out of this world!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  6. i'm loving that blue checkered table cloth and that baby gift. So cute!!!!!

    BTW I've been meaning to say how much I love the name Samantha too ;)

    - Sarah

  7. how cute! if i ever have to host a shower there's not way it will turn out this great!

  8. James is the cutest and that cake looks yummy! Tell your man happy birthday.

    Glad we all got together Sat, it was a great time.

  9. that baby showers looks lovely. I would love to attend a shower like that.

  10. This looks like such a fantastic baby shower! What a treat to go to a party like that! How fun that you're all bloggers!

  11. That might just be the most gorgeous baby shower I've ever seen, and that cake looks pretty damn delicious, too!

  12. looks lovely- I love it when you go to a party and there is so much thought put in the details- Looks like fun!

  13. Hi there, I found you from greta's blog and thought I'd poke my head in to check out yours.
    I think I've been lost in your "lovers lane" post for the past hour. They are amazing and so inspiring.
    So bummed I couldn't make the shower. Everything looked so pretty.
    Take care and I hope to meet you in the next "creative" gathering.


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