Monday, June 27, 2011

Vintage Sage

My love {obsession} with Native American culture, art, and history has been in full effect for awhile now. Recently, with all of the changes in our life, I have found inspiration in Native American traditions and ceremonies. Specifically, Native Americans have sacred ceremonies for healing, cleaning, and purifying one's self and one's space.

During these sacred ceremonies, sage, tobacco, cedar, and sweetgrass are burned for different symbolic reasons. Sage is burned to drive out the negative energy, while sweetgrass helps bring in the positive energy. The process is called "smudging;" and it is a time honored method for healing. Smudging can be done by anyone. "All you need is a fireproof bowl and sage. Light the sage bundle and fan the smoking embers. Let the smoke drift over you and feel yourself opening up to the Spirit."

Over the weekend, I decided to move a lot of furniture around in our home to create a new energy in our space. I also went to the store and bought a white sage smudge stick and sweetgrass incense sticks. I bought these two items from a company named "Juniper Ridge." I have also downloaded basic smudging ceremony rituals for direction; and I am ready to go! I am really excited for this sacred, native american experience. Have you ever done a saging/smudging ceremony?

Navajo Moon

Shiny Squirrel

The Diversion Project

Apartment Therapy




  1. All these are so perfect and beautiful. I adore the first pic.

  2. I always do a little smudging ceremony of mine before I move into a new place...I like the idea of the sweetgrass bringing in the positive - something new to try. BTW I love the Apartment Therapy image...what a great mix!

  3. the energy of ritual is extremely powerful.

    smudging doesn't quite fit with my philosophies (not really down with 'cleansing') but i do burn incense with energetic intention.

  4. These pictures are gorgeous! Thank you sooo so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!! I love your site already.

  5. amazing the first one....very it

  6. These spaces are stunning, and I love your plans for a smudging ceremony! My mama's best friend was very devoted to smudging, and I remember performing the ceremony a lot as a kid!

  7. the first one and the Apartment therapy one are great!

  8. Did you see the Oprah Ralph Lauren episode? His Coloroado house is filled with gorgeous Native American pieces.


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