Friday, July 22, 2011


oh the lovely things
I must be dreaming . . . of yoga? 

Yesterday, I spontaneously decided to take the day to dream by the pool at a local resort hotel. It was heavenly. We felt like women of leisure; eating lunch, sipping cocktails, reading mags, and soaking in the sun. Every so often, we would have to pinch ourselves to make sure we {weren't} dreaming.

I think spontaneity is the best word to describe summer! It is a feeling of freedom and fun that you can best find on a summer's day . . . . taking a swim in a pool, inviting friends over for a last minute bbq, putting the sprinklers on for play in the backyard, or simply reading a good book.

I wish you wonderful weekend filled with spontaneous summer fun! 



  1. um that sounds like all kinds of wonderful :)
    so glad you have the time to be footloose and fancy free!


  2. Nice pics, I agree!

    See you Sunday!! xo

  3. What a brilliant idea! Do you have to rent a room to do that? Or is there some sort of super secret code you utter to get them to let you in? There was this one hotel I passed in Napa that apparently scents their pool with lavender. Doesn't sound like a bad way to spend an afternoon to me.

  4. fun- we like to do that too- go hang out at a hotel pool-

  5. I absolutely love this-what a perfect way to while away the afternoon!

  6. sounds and looks like heaven!!

    i am reading THE best book right now, the help. it's so good i have been reading it super fast, but at the same time i don't want it to end! LOL

  7. Sounds like it was a fantastic day!

    I love spontaneous moments. They should happen more often.

    Hope the joy follows you into the weekend!

  8. summery carefree + spontaneity = fabulous

    love the fringe round the suit.


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