Friday, July 1, 2011

New Moon

Star Arc
Ever since I was a little girl, I have been very interested and intrigued with astrology. My Mom was the first person to introduce me to the stars; and I look to them for guidance and direction, as a practice. At the beginning of every month, I make sure to visit Susan Miller at  for an overview of the month ahead. She is very articulate in her interpretations. If you have never visited her site before, I highly recommend checking it out!

Today, July 1st, marks another solar eclipse. "Solar Eclipses always shake things up and provide us with surprises to keep us motivated and alert." Have you been feeling the effects of the solar eclipse in the last couple of days, or even weeks? I certainly have! Which explains why I have been {a little more} busier lately. I have been "shaken up;" and while I dearly miss my daily blogships, it has been a very positive and inspiring change in my life!

Recently I have received validation and confirmation that what you put out there in the Universe, will ultimately come back to you, and in ways you could have dreamed. You see, I have always had a strong desire to be creative. It is the very reason why I started this blog, as a stay at home Mom. I yearned for the creative connection. I have become so inspired through these connections, that I find myself fueling a passion deep inside. In the process, I have discovered my passion and awakened my inner storyteller.

Which leads me to now . . . this week I was offered a paid consulting job with an amazing lifestyle brand. {cheers} I was not looking for a job. I simply chose to offer them my unsolicited advice, as a friend. I never could have guessed what would have happened next; and I could not be more excited for the vision and opportunity. I share this story with you because it is truly a lesson. Life is about surprises. Dream big. Stay authentic. And most importantly, Be Kind.

On another related note, two weeks ago I hosted my first contest here on Vintage is for Lovers, in a series I call, "The Love of a Bohemian Mama." I encouraged my readers to make their own, handmade forts, and submit the picture to me. And believe me, I know we all have very busy lives; so I was not upset in the very least when I only received one submission. In fact, I am sooo happy it was only one, and this one specifically; because it provided me with an opportunity to share the story of a Bohemian Mama, whom I instantly felt a connection with from the moment I discovered her blog here.

Her name is Ren, Lady of the Arts, or Lady Ren, which ever you prefer. She is a beautifully creative blogger, world traveler, Mojave Desert dweller, art lover, monkey maker, bohemian mama, and now, Build A Fort Contest winner!  Actually, her two super cute "monkeys" are the creative little geniuses that built this winning fort!

Lady Ren tells me that fort building is a regular thing in their home. The two "monkeys" love to build forts with lots of blankets, pillows, their Spiderman couch, and sticks. Often times, they sleep in their fort and it stays constructed for days. What a fun home {and family}!

Lady Ren especially loves when her boys "make forts using blankets and pillows that (she) has had since she was a little girl." The pink quilt in the photo was handmade by her Mom, a talented quilter, "using pieces of fabrics that her friends and family brought to her 1st monkey's baby shower." What a beautiful heirloom!

What I love most about Ren's blog, Lady of the Arts, is her unique, creative and warm hearted approach to motherhood. Every week she shares recipes, crafts, and activities that her and her family have done together. She truly "celebrat(es) creativity in all forms."

When I emailed Ren {and her boys} to let them know they were the winners of the contest, they couldn't have been more thrilled! I took the opportunity to ask her a few questions, and in return, was given amazing advice and inspiration to share with you!

Where do you find inspiration as a Mama:
One of the feelings that is common to many first time mothers is the realization that although you have changed outwardly- inside you are still the same person. Since I became a mother I have always believed that everything that I love can be tailored to suit my children no matter what their age.  I can’t pretend to be something that I’m not and I think especially children can sense feigned passion- So I ‘give’ my children what I feel passionate about-  When I see art work that moves me I share it with my children, if I see a cool design I tell them why I think it is so, if I read a book, learn a word, see a film, eat a meal, travel- I talk about it with them- passion is contagious and for me is about teaching them to appreciate the finer things in life- namely The Arts.  
The challenge for me has always been the translation aspect- to take what I as a woman love and to transfer that passion to the interests of young boys- but this is what keeps my creativity flowing- the transformation of the passion.  

Favorite activity to do with your boys:
Outside: We love to hike, go to the playground, art festivals, music festivals, swimming in our pool and jumping on the trampoline. 
Inside: We like to do Farts and Crafts, watch movies (we don’t have cable so we do this often), cook together- both my boys love to help as well as invent recipes- play board games: chess, monopoly, Life, Mousetrap, Yatzee, and cuddle.  

*Here is a link to their "Farts and Crafts:"
Favorite thing to cook for your family:
We cook every night- I would say that my favorite things to make for my family is bread.  It is something that because of the length of the process is something that needs to be premeditated.  I love how my family gobbles it up when when it comes out of the oven. 

*Here is a link to their "No Knead" bread recipe:

*Here is link to a recipe one of her boy's invented: {i hear he is quite the chef}




  1. So excited for you Sam! Would love to hear the details...was at the last LB flea and looked for you before hitting the JACKPOT at a vintage clothing stand...not sure where you live but my bf opened a restaurant in Huntington. Maybe we can meet and have a cocktail sometime?

    Thinking of you--and YES I have experienced significant change this past week, but have felt it coming for a few...suddenly all of my work is off my desk. As a freelance consultant it is scary, but also looking fwd to what might be next.


  2. love you words & am excited to hear more about your job.

  3. what an awesome fort! such cute monkeys too...

  4. What a great fort! And I am a big fan of Lady Ren's blog. She is very inspiring.
    Great post!!

  5. I am a TRUE believer in just throwing it out there to see what comes back, its amazing the things that find their way back to you!!! Congrats on your new opportunity! Its sounds exciting! cant wait to hear more!!
    Ps..LOVE the fort!!

  6. Ren-the monkey-maker ;)) you're wonderful and it's such a pleasure to know you and your lovely blog!:))

  7. WOW! Congrats Sam! So happy for you, and I can't wait to hear more about it!!!! Hope your 4th was great!

  8. What a beautiful and inspiring post!!!
    I arrived here from Ren's blog and happy to have found your little creative space Sam!! I enjoyed what you wrote about opportunities and following your passion. Good luck with your new venture!! Sounds exciting!!

  9. The Cancer new moon has totally drenched me, in good as well as challenging ways. and I and the Mr are dazzled by the eclipse energy. phew!!

    oh, i feel bad that there was only 1 entrant, but yes, difficult when people are so busy to get them to do such things. it was such a lovely giveaway too.

    great interview!

  10. Such a great post!!! I love all the homemade fort ideas. Too cute!

  11. I can't wait till we start making forts! That was always one of my favorite things to do as a child. Love Ren and loved reading more about her! I am particularly unsure (?... not even sure what word I should write there...) about how that translation will work itself out with a little boy.

    Congrats on your new job! How exciting to be doing something you love and to have landed it in such a natural way!

    Is that what this energy has been lately? I started a love affair with astrology when I was pretty young too. I mapped out my own chart, and some things (like the early loss of a parent) were especially striking. That chart created with colored pencils has continued to predict true events. Pretty amazing.

  12. Samantha, you so deserve it! Hooray for the consulting job! I hope to hear more. We were in the Catskills this weekend and I thought about how great it would be if we had a little fort! No such luck with materials but Ren and company did a fine job here ;)


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