Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vintage Stripes

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Surprise! I too am on the 'I love stripes' bandwagon! Simple, yet sophisticated. Fun, yet classic. I love to wear them and now I am thinking about decorating with them.

We have a guest room in our home that is covered in a farm inspired toile wallpaper. While I do love the country vibe inherent in the toile, I am thinking it is a bit on overload; and I need to add a little freshness to the room. So, I am considering adding black stripes on top of the black and white toile.

Now, this is where I need your help, my Loves . . . Do you prefer the horizontal or the vertical black stripe? Also, should I stick to just the walls or do the ceiling, as well?

And as our budget is tight right now, I just discovered the amazing vinyl floor tape, {in the last photo} that could magically work instead of painting the stripes? And at $7.40 for a big roll of 2 inch black tape, it seems too good to be true!?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions!



  1. I'm a total sucker for stripes, and it sounds like your guest room plan is going to be GORGEOUS! I would say stick to stripes on the wall-ceilings will be hard to keep straight!

  2. ok, that first striped room is pretty incredible!

  3. tnx for your lovely comment, you've got an interesting blog yourself..

    greets from croatia..

  4. and your god..real vintage love.


  5. Love Horizontal thin stripes...cant wait to see the end product!! Have never seen the vinyl floor tape! pretty AWESOME!

  6. I'm loving the yellow and the black, I like the black on the walls only, rad girl!!

  7. I climbed in the bandwagon a long time ago. I obsess over everything with stripes!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  8. I love the idea of mixing the stripes with the toile for a fresh look. I think the first picture with the super skinny stripe would be a neat choice but it's classic but done in a more modern way and the tape would make it way easier. Can't wait to see it all together! Tell us more about the tape when you have time.

  9. That first room is stripe perfection! I love.

  10. Loving stripes myself. And I can't get over that first room. How fabulous is that Brillo? :)

  11. Oh I love stripes too! I think I prefer the vertical kind.

  12. Stripes are fantastic. I would say do the walls or the ceiling, not both. And I'd go with a lighter color and white -- for some reason, that doesn't hurt my eyes as much as bolder colors. Maybe a focal wall?

  13. holy moly that vinyl tape // floor stripe situation is amazing!


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