Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Love of a Bohemian Mama

Ever since we got home I feel as if I have been running around like crazy! But it is all fun and games! James is turning 3 on Sunday; and you know how much I love birthday parties! So I have been busy finishing up the final touches for his "mermaid and fisherman/pirate" party. And last night, I was invited to participate in a wonderful trunk show event at my favorite, local vintage store, Macalistaire 1850. Rachiel and her amazing team put together a fabulous event to showcase local designers who incorporate vintage treasures in their handmade crafts. I was joined by Ashlee of Raptor Jewelry. Ashlee creates one of a kind earrings using precious stones, vintage charms, feathers, and leather. {love her designs} I was also joined by Randi, whose Mom is the creative behind Reclaimed: a women's accessory line designed out of old treasures. {very unique} I look forward to further introducing you to both of these lovely, vintage loving ladies on Lovers Lane.

No matter how busy this bohemian mama is at the moment, I know how incredibly important it is to maintain, honor, and celebrate all that makes you - YOU! Last night was energizing, uplifting, and inspiring. I made some special connections with some very creative women. And as I drove home from the trunk show, I couldn't help but be overwhelmingly thankful for being gifted with the freedom, support, and love from my family and my friends, new and old.

Macalistaire 1850
Laguna Beach, California
Stylists Leslie Christen and Conor Graham
Ashlee of Raptor Jewelry
(earrings by raptor}


  1. Lovely and inspiring post as always!

  2. What a fun event to be a part of. I don't know how you do it all, but I am so thrilled for you and excited to watch you grow. Congrats!!!

    Yes, we must get together. I want to come up there and play sometime next month.

  3. It seems like the best kind of busy-I'm so glad!

  4. look how beautiful your pillows look on display! Oh, I wish I would have been able to come to to you after the bday party!

  5. You look gorgeous! What a fun event.

    Happy Birthday James!!

  6. absolutely nice blog!!! thanks for your blog. I am from kathmandu, is laxmi prasad shahi I love your vintage. thanks

    laxmi prasad shahi


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