Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blog Love

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One of the most amazing things about this blog world of ours is how we all so beautifully love and support each other, every day of our lives. It is a community, of like minded people, who have the ability to inspire, heal, and profoundly impact each other and our communities. 

Therefore, I thought I would start here, with you, in my journey to do what ever I can to help show support and love to an incredible woman, who could use us all on her team! I share with you her story and information about our benefit, in hopes that you too will feel compelled to share the love with whom ever you choose. 

Thank you so very much for anything you can do to help! It is appreciated beyond measure! Please email me if you have any questions. 

Sending you lots and lots of love; for we are leaving in the morning for Virginia to spend a long weekend with family and friends! Super excited! 


Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Boys and a Ice Cream Cone

A Scene from the Weekend: Sharing is Caring


Friday, September 23, 2011


Have you started putting up some fall nostalgia around your home? I think I am going to put a little flair up this weekend; but it is so anti-climatic for me because what I really want to be doing is breaking out 
the Halloween decorations! So when I saw this pac-man halloween garland diy, I screamed like the little girl I was when I use to play this game almost every day of my childhood. {when i was little i thought my parents were super cool because they actually won the arcade game style pac-man machine at a charity auction} I love pac-man. And I love how understated this Halloween decoration is; which means, I can put it up before October 1st. {my official break out halloween day} Even though, it always shocks me how early it seems that stores put out their holiday decorations these days. Time is flying by . . . . . . . 

Wishing you a lovely {fall} weekend! 


Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Love of a Bohemian Mama

Her name is Brita. She is mama to an adorable little girl, wife to a rockstar of a husband, and home to the little bundle of joy growing in her tummy. But what you wouldn't expect to hear next, is exactly what Brita and her family were shocked to hear just a few months ago; when just after her 31st birthday, Brita was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. 

Recently, I visited Brita's blog to get to know this 'Bohemian Mama' who lives 'just up the street' from us in Laguna Beach; and what I read was so incredibly inspiring, just like the woman herself. {of course, i had to it share with you} 

The following is written by Brita, on her blog: A Girl with Cancer 

Love can hide in quiet little corners, waiting for you to notice it.  It can be a bold wake up call when you least expect it. Love, I feel, is like most things in this world.  It will come and go with the ebb and flow.  It can be a strong current that reduces to a calm stream.  I knew love when I married my husband.  Love overwhelmed me when my daughter was born.  I still have waves of complete adoration and love, but there are moments when it ceases to be obvious.  I become busy with bills and grocery lists and clogged sinks.  My husband and I high-five as we switch baby duty shifts and I often run my daughter through dinner, bath and bedtime books like we’re on a military schedule.  This is usually when life decides to shake you awake.
I accepted my cancer diagnosis as a wake-up call.  What I couldn’t accept was my loss of income, my astronomical insurance deductible and the fact that I fell through the government’s cracks and wasn’t able to obtain any financial assistance.  I felt plagued with guilt.  I felt the battle was lost on all ends.  I could make the decision to take care of my health, my growing baby and my toddler and leave our family with bill collectors scaling the side of our building for payments.  I could keep working, exhausting all energy on a paycheck to make ends meet but physically and emotionally be unable to sustain the strength a good mom and wife needs.
Then, love knocked on my door.  It was subtle, and since “stubborn” is my middle name, I resisted.  I am a strong woman who can carry the world on my shoulders.  I don’t need help.  I’ll make my own miracle.  The knock became a little more persistent.  Finally, love took the door off and handed me one of the most incredible gifts.  It started with a girlfriend setting up on online fundraiser to help with our medical bills.  Then, our family started a collection to help supplement my loss of income.  I was getting emails from other mothers who offered to pump breast milk for my newborn baby since I would be unable to while undergoing treatment.  What started as a few generous people exploded into a whole community coming together in support of our family.  Musicians and artists and owners of restaurants were all wanting to throw benefits.  Local mothers were offering memberships to parents’ clubs so I could get help with meals and babysitting.  Spa owners were offering prenatal massages to reduce the stress I was under.  A local paper picked up the story and started posting updates on my health so everyone could be kept in the loop.
This is love at its very best.  When someone gives without the expectation of receiving anything in return.  There is nothing I can give back.  I profess my gratitude on a daily basis, but most people shyly accept, as if they didn’t need the acknowledgement.  I have been incredibly gifted in love.  It is a daily reminder that this universe has taken care of me, and that love can conquer all.  With all this positive energy from the goodwill of this community, I have the fight and drive to beat cancer.  With the love of family and strangers alike, I have the desire and responsibility to pay it forward.  Love isn’t meant to be kept to oneself. Love is to be shared and passed about, generously and without restraint.  It is meant to be noticed in the little actions of a smile or help across the street.  It is meant to be acknowledged when it eases a burden.  Most importantly, love is free.  You can give it without limitations.  You can receive it without inhibition.  Love has no boundaries and indeed holds the ability to exceed every obstacle, and expectation… that is, if you’re paying attention and “allow” it to.  I appreciate the opportunity to accept this overpowering love and will spend the rest of my days sharing the wealth.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Vintage Ice Cream Social

I have to admit that I have been feeling so bummed lately because I have not had the time I want or need to spend on my blog and my blogships. My "excuse" is that both my husband and I are currently unemployed and using this sacred time to follow our dreams and listen to our entrepreneurial hearts. While certainly scary at times, we have had to make a lot of tough decisions and sacrifices to help make our dreams come true. Overall, the process has been very enlightening. Every day we are incredibly grateful to be able to take these risks at just the right time in our lives; and we have no doubt, that over time, the rewards will make it all worth it. In the meantime, please know I miss writing my daily love notes to you and often think of you as my muses.

Lately, I have been putting aside my "to-do list" and helping my husband with is "honey do list." Mostly, I have been focusing on the branding and marketing of his new venture. I love branding and marketing because it allows me to be creative and continue to discover all of the wonderful images, ideas, and companies that are out there.

Just the other day, as I was sourcing inspiration for my new yoga company, I discovered an amazing gelato shop whose branding takes the cake! {Or should I say; takes the cone!}

Retro, playful, contemporary, and creative, Dri Dri is unlike any other gelato shop in the world! {why does london have to be so far away} Its' founder and owner, Adriano di Petrillo, whose nickname is the shops' namesake, takes traditional italian gelato making techniques, sources the freshest, all natural ingredients, and combines them on-site using gelato equipment from the 60's and 70's. And to top it all off, the marketing and branding is pure genius. {yes. his genius has been confirmed. he is a graduate of the harvard business school}

Organic milk from local, english farms, lemon from Sorrento, liquorice from Calabria, Comice pears and Granny Smith apples from France, handpicked mandarins from Spain, and Madagascan vanilla pods, are just a few of the all natural ingredients Dri Dri uses in each of its' delicious gelato flavors.

Open in three locations: The St Martins Lane Hotel, Chelsea Farmers Market, and Notting Hill.
Dri Dri is not to be missed, if you are in London! 
{or if you love new, amazing, crazy creative companies that inspire you to no end}


Monday, September 19, 2011

Love Note

I hope you had a lovely weekend! 
See you tomorrow! I am looking forward to sending you more love notes then! 


Friday, September 16, 2011

Vintage Burlap

Well, it looks {and feels} like summer has gone and fall has arrived! I have to admit, that while I do love the coziness and craftiness of fall, I am definitely a summer person. But there is nothing better than decorating for fall to get you in the mood for the upcoming holiday season! So, let's break out the spices, the wreaths, and the burlap! It is time to celebrate fall!

Burlap reminds me so much of fall; from the harvest to the colors to the textures, burlap is a timeless fabric that can bring out the craftiness is just about anyone. So, as we break out the fall decorations this weekend, here is a no-sew burlap bunting garland diy to add to your collection!

Wishing you a lovely {fall} weekend!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Love of a Bohemian Mama

"Family Style"

As our boys are now both toddlers, we have started the nightly ritual of all eating together, around the table, with just the sounds of nature in the background. It is a ritual that I grew up with; and one I could not feel more strongly about for our family. Granted, it is easier for us to do this now, as my husband and I are both working from home; but I also know, that sometimes, it may seem "easier" to just get the kids fed and wait until later to eat dinner yourselves. But if you make the time and the effort to set the table and "ring the bell," family mealtime is priceless, and surprisingly, less "work."  

Last night, James, "the artist," entertained us all with his silly faces. Luckily, my camera was close by to capture the candid moment. {honestly, I don't know where he gets "it" from. hee hee. winky face.} 


{It was also "spaghetti night," aka "no clothes night."}

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Night Night




Design Shuffle

Today I bring you the fabulous folks at Design Shuffle. Their website has amazing interior design ideas, as well as a place to showcase your interior design skills. I was thrilled when they offered to do a guest post on Vintage Kitchens for us! Enjoy!

Hello everyone! Mari here. I write as a guest blogger for Design Shuffle, a totally fabulous social networking site for interior designers, architects, design professionals and enthusiasts. I love my work because I get to explore the beautiful world of interiors every day. Then, it's my job to write about the great decorating ideas I discover.

I appreciate the opportunity to do this guest post for Samantha, here at Vintage is for Lovers. It seems we have something in common, a love of vintage cookbooks. I recently learned that my all time favorite set of cookbooks, the amazing Grand Diplome Cooking Course, is vintage. Can that be possible? How the time passes! And that brings us to today's topic: Vintage in the Kitchen. Going for a vintage feel in the heart of the home can create a warm and inviting place to gather with family and friends. And, it's never been easier to get a retro look with well-loved vintage pieces and great reproductions. Please enjoy!

Country Living via

This cheerful space has to be the quintessential vintage kitchen. It ticks all the boxes, from the chrome and vinyl dinette set, to the vintage tablecloth at the window. I want that red retro stove!

Kitchen Tile Backsplashes via

Vintage signs add instant nostalgia to vintage kitchen designs. This one makes a bold statement over that stunning white range. Chrome swivel stools add the perfect finishing touch.

Forgotten Antiquities via

Every vintage kitchen must have cooking utensils from back in the day. Reds and greens are popular colors for collecting.

Cynthia's Cottage Design via

Pink is the theme here. It seems the soft pastels we love today have been popular for a long time. Whether in painted furniture, ceramics or textiles, the many appealing shades of pink can be used as a foundation for the vintage kitchen or as a pretty contrast to white, green or blue.

Whispered Whimsy via

A stylish illustration depicts a green and red kitchen as the ultimate center of the "modern" home. Though vintage, the design is still fresh and interesting.

KitchAnn Style via

This space is contemporary, but with a distinctly retro vibe. The red refrigerator and yellow wall-mounted car seem to belong in this kitchen.

Antique Lady via

More appealing pastels here├│blue, pink and green, all have their place in the well-equipped vintage kitchen.

Mod Vintage Life via

And now, we leave you with the ultimate pink and blue vintage kitchen. This one goes straight to the inspiration file for retro kitchen design ideas!

This post comes courtesy of Design Shuffle, where you can find top tier interior designs from around the world ├▒ from New York interior designers, Los Angeles interior designers, and more, check out the latest at Design Shuffle.

A Captured Moment

"A single photo - capturing a moment - a simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember." 

Oliver, with his milky face, playing under our farm table this morning.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Scenes from a Wacky Weekend

Our weekend started out with a mystical beach walk; where we watched as a fleet of "pirate" ships were making their way to the harbor for their debut at the Tall Ships Festival. It was so beautiful to see the big sails on the ocean's horizon. {and that one "hole" of light. amazing.}

Saturday, we woke up to the sound of hail crashing down on us! Yes, big, frozen balls of hail in the midst of a Southern California heat wave! I think Mother Nature and Mother Earth were having a "wake up" party. It was certainly an awakening for us on how important it is to stay fully committed and do our part to help protect our Earth.

After the hail storm, the skies opened up to a beautiful, sunshiney day! So we ventured down to the Tall Ships Festival to meet "those" pirates, listen to music on the beach, and eat delicious food.

Sunday, my boys were committed to playing and watching anything that had to do with balls: tennis balls {us open}, footballs {nfl}; so I was {easy} persuaded to head down to the beach for the last day of the Doheny Days music festival. It was such a gorgeous day, listening and dancing to the sounds of Neon Trees, Cake, and Ziggy Marley! A perfect ending to our wild and wacky weekend!


Sunday, September 11, 2011


It was a beautiful day, just like today, that forever changed our lives and our world. I remember the courage, the inspiration, and the compassion. I will also never forget the pain, the sadness, and the fear. May every day of our lives be in forever gratitude to those that help to protect us and those whose lives were lost, on this day, 10 years ago, today. One Love.


Friday, September 9, 2011

The Vintage Badge

Lately, I have been needing an extra dose of T.L.C. I think that it is the sensitive pisces in me; but never the less, it is always nice to receive recognition and validation for all that you do. Simple compliments go a long way . . . but what if we took them a step further? What if we had merit badges that were awarded for each and every accomplishment we achieved in our daily lives? Seriously! Just this week alone, I have written a business plan manual, helped a friend with her creative venture, cleaned, cooked, and took care of my family and {foster} dog, "survived" a breast cancer scare in my family, and just last night, managed without electricity. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't NEED validation from anyone else but myself; BUT, for some reason, {i don't know if this can be attributed to my childhood. haha} I love to receive recognition and praise, every once in awhile! {yes, it helps the ego, and yes, i have still not gotten that far.} Overall, I think merit badges are a fantastic way to show someone gratitude and love, for the simple {or not so simple} things in our lives! Like . . .

by, lee meszaros

by, lee meszaros

by, lee meszaros

by, nerd merit badges

baking, ironing, mixing, wearing a bra, loosing weight, wearing spanks
{the list goes on . . . you get the point}

My weekend wish for you: 

May you receive all of the recognition, appreciation, and love, that you so very much deserve. 


Monday, September 5, 2011

The Vintage Movie Theater

Over the weekend, we hosted our first "Movie in the Backyard Night." It was super fun, super easy, and super relaxing! There is something quite magical about watching a movie outdoors, under the moon and the stars, with the faint sounds of nature in the background.

If you would like to re-create the fun of a vintage drive-in, with a backyard movie night for your family and/or friends, here is what you need:

Act 1: Setting the Scene

I "recycled" the hay barrels from Oliver's birthday party for the seating/backrest. 
I  threw lots and lots of quilts and blankets all over the ground to create the coziest seating area possible. 
We set up the projector, by connecting it to our laptop, to play the movie.
{You can find a reasonably priced projector here.} 
We simply used a large, white sheet for the screen and found the best space in our backyard to hang it.
If you have the wall space, you can simply project the movie directly on the wall. 
Or, you can build your own, with plywood, rope, staple gun, and a painter's drop cloth. 
Act 2: The Concessions

Set up a concession-style snack stand, complete with popcorn, s'mores, glow sticks, and drinks. 
{I got the popcorn boxes from the World Market and the candy and glow sticks from the Dollar Tree.}
I love the packaging and organizing of this s'mores bar!

I love this concession stand inspiration found on pinterest.
{I love pinterest! It is the best place to source inspiration for all your creativity. Follow me here.}
Final Act: The Movie

When choosing a movie, cater to your audience. I am a big fan of all the 80's cult classics. We watched "Goonies." I highly recommend this flick for a "family style" backyard movie night. But the choices are endless; and you can even design your backyard movie night all around a theme! 

We loved our backyard movie night so much we are thinking about making it a weekly event! 
Have you ever been to a backyard movie night? I would love to hear about each of your "Acts!"

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