Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Love of a Bohemian Mama

"Family Style"

As our boys are now both toddlers, we have started the nightly ritual of all eating together, around the table, with just the sounds of nature in the background. It is a ritual that I grew up with; and one I could not feel more strongly about for our family. Granted, it is easier for us to do this now, as my husband and I are both working from home; but I also know, that sometimes, it may seem "easier" to just get the kids fed and wait until later to eat dinner yourselves. But if you make the time and the effort to set the table and "ring the bell," family mealtime is priceless, and surprisingly, less "work."  

Last night, James, "the artist," entertained us all with his silly faces. Luckily, my camera was close by to capture the candid moment. {honestly, I don't know where he gets "it" from. hee hee. winky face.} 


{It was also "spaghetti night," aka "no clothes night."}


  1. Oh my goodness, what a HAM-James is hysterical! My parents were pretty firm about family dinners, and I can't imagine my life then or in the future without them!

  2. So cute- We also do family dinners- so important and such a great way to talk.

  3. That kid is one of the cutest ever. GREAT tradition! xo


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