Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Love of a Bohemian Mama

Her name is Brita. She is mama to an adorable little girl, wife to a rockstar of a husband, and home to the little bundle of joy growing in her tummy. But what you wouldn't expect to hear next, is exactly what Brita and her family were shocked to hear just a few months ago; when just after her 31st birthday, Brita was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. 

Recently, I visited Brita's blog to get to know this 'Bohemian Mama' who lives 'just up the street' from us in Laguna Beach; and what I read was so incredibly inspiring, just like the woman herself. {of course, i had to it share with you} 

The following is written by Brita, on her blog: A Girl with Cancer 

Love can hide in quiet little corners, waiting for you to notice it.  It can be a bold wake up call when you least expect it. Love, I feel, is like most things in this world.  It will come and go with the ebb and flow.  It can be a strong current that reduces to a calm stream.  I knew love when I married my husband.  Love overwhelmed me when my daughter was born.  I still have waves of complete adoration and love, but there are moments when it ceases to be obvious.  I become busy with bills and grocery lists and clogged sinks.  My husband and I high-five as we switch baby duty shifts and I often run my daughter through dinner, bath and bedtime books like we’re on a military schedule.  This is usually when life decides to shake you awake.
I accepted my cancer diagnosis as a wake-up call.  What I couldn’t accept was my loss of income, my astronomical insurance deductible and the fact that I fell through the government’s cracks and wasn’t able to obtain any financial assistance.  I felt plagued with guilt.  I felt the battle was lost on all ends.  I could make the decision to take care of my health, my growing baby and my toddler and leave our family with bill collectors scaling the side of our building for payments.  I could keep working, exhausting all energy on a paycheck to make ends meet but physically and emotionally be unable to sustain the strength a good mom and wife needs.
Then, love knocked on my door.  It was subtle, and since “stubborn” is my middle name, I resisted.  I am a strong woman who can carry the world on my shoulders.  I don’t need help.  I’ll make my own miracle.  The knock became a little more persistent.  Finally, love took the door off and handed me one of the most incredible gifts.  It started with a girlfriend setting up on online fundraiser to help with our medical bills.  Then, our family started a collection to help supplement my loss of income.  I was getting emails from other mothers who offered to pump breast milk for my newborn baby since I would be unable to while undergoing treatment.  What started as a few generous people exploded into a whole community coming together in support of our family.  Musicians and artists and owners of restaurants were all wanting to throw benefits.  Local mothers were offering memberships to parents’ clubs so I could get help with meals and babysitting.  Spa owners were offering prenatal massages to reduce the stress I was under.  A local paper picked up the story and started posting updates on my health so everyone could be kept in the loop.
This is love at its very best.  When someone gives without the expectation of receiving anything in return.  There is nothing I can give back.  I profess my gratitude on a daily basis, but most people shyly accept, as if they didn’t need the acknowledgement.  I have been incredibly gifted in love.  It is a daily reminder that this universe has taken care of me, and that love can conquer all.  With all this positive energy from the goodwill of this community, I have the fight and drive to beat cancer.  With the love of family and strangers alike, I have the desire and responsibility to pay it forward.  Love isn’t meant to be kept to oneself. Love is to be shared and passed about, generously and without restraint.  It is meant to be noticed in the little actions of a smile or help across the street.  It is meant to be acknowledged when it eases a burden.  Most importantly, love is free.  You can give it without limitations.  You can receive it without inhibition.  Love has no boundaries and indeed holds the ability to exceed every obstacle, and expectation… that is, if you’re paying attention and “allow” it to.  I appreciate the opportunity to accept this overpowering love and will spend the rest of my days sharing the wealth.


  1. When is the auction I wish I would have known I just posted a Toms give away I would have loved to put them in ur auction :( inspiring she is ! lovely post I found your blog by accident the way that I find all the best blogs while searching Brassi photos :)

  2. Thank you! The auction is going to be held on October 21st. We are also going to be hosting an online auction, as well; so those that cannot attend the event can still participate. Please let me know if you have any suggestions/ideas/items! Thanks again for your lovely note.
    xoxo Samantha

  3. Samantha, I am absolutely bawling. What a beautiful story of love, generosity and strength.

  4. Let me know if you need any help with organizing the auction. I've been involved with quite a few over the past years. It's wonderful that you can reach out to so many people with your blog! XOXO

  5. thanks for this post. it was a great post


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