Friday, September 23, 2011


Have you started putting up some fall nostalgia around your home? I think I am going to put a little flair up this weekend; but it is so anti-climatic for me because what I really want to be doing is breaking out 
the Halloween decorations! So when I saw this pac-man halloween garland diy, I screamed like the little girl I was when I use to play this game almost every day of my childhood. {when i was little i thought my parents were super cool because they actually won the arcade game style pac-man machine at a charity auction} I love pac-man. And I love how understated this Halloween decoration is; which means, I can put it up before October 1st. {my official break out halloween day} Even though, it always shocks me how early it seems that stores put out their holiday decorations these days. Time is flying by . . . . . . . 

Wishing you a lovely {fall} weekend! 



  1. me to Sam :) I bought an atari to play with the twins and we have old school Mario for Wii! I may have to make some of that Garland it is soooooooo soooooooo cool !

  2. This totally takes me back to my youth too -- and it's such a fun decoration for Halloween! Hope you have a fantastic weekend, Sam!

  3. Pac Man was, and still is, the best!! This is soooo much better than the hokey/cheesy/corny stuff that's usually available for Halloween! :)

    (p.s. - thanks for the comment love!!! You're absolutely right, everyone needs love these days. I just want to have fun sharing it. ;) And, no way will you ever see me at a country club dinner party!! lol) Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  4. ha! that is super cute. thank you so much for your sweet comment, btw - made me smile!

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment! I'm thrilled to have found you! What a fun blog!! Can't wait to see more!!


  6. Sooo cute! Love your blog. I would follow you but i dont see that option.
    I hope you come follow me.
    xxx Emily

  7. This is GENIUS! Over the weekend, someone came in to our offices and posted a giant Post-It PacMan scene on our founders' office door-they'd go crazy for these decorations!

  8. I'm usually all about the really scary decorations with blood and skeletons, but I would totally buy this Pac Man garland if I saw it! Takes me back.

  9. Love this! What a great way to get into the Halloween spirit!

  10. that is adorable. we have a couple pumpkins out, but will unleash the fall decor after this weekend, i think.


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