Monday, September 12, 2011

Scenes from a Wacky Weekend

Our weekend started out with a mystical beach walk; where we watched as a fleet of "pirate" ships were making their way to the harbor for their debut at the Tall Ships Festival. It was so beautiful to see the big sails on the ocean's horizon. {and that one "hole" of light. amazing.}

Saturday, we woke up to the sound of hail crashing down on us! Yes, big, frozen balls of hail in the midst of a Southern California heat wave! I think Mother Nature and Mother Earth were having a "wake up" party. It was certainly an awakening for us on how important it is to stay fully committed and do our part to help protect our Earth.

After the hail storm, the skies opened up to a beautiful, sunshiney day! So we ventured down to the Tall Ships Festival to meet "those" pirates, listen to music on the beach, and eat delicious food.

Sunday, my boys were committed to playing and watching anything that had to do with balls: tennis balls {us open}, footballs {nfl}; so I was {easy} persuaded to head down to the beach for the last day of the Doheny Days music festival. It was such a gorgeous day, listening and dancing to the sounds of Neon Trees, Cake, and Ziggy Marley! A perfect ending to our wild and wacky weekend!



  1. Wacky is right-a late summer hailstorm?! And those pirates are just too funny. Glad the weekend kept you on your toes!

    xoxox, Lena

  2. Love Ziggy- don't' know much about the Neon Trees or Cake-

    My boys watched a ton of sports and my oldest had a baseball game this weekend too- oy vey.

  3. Pirate ships and a hail storm? It sounds like you were anywhere but Southern California. What fun that must have all been!

  4. Love these photos.. especially the eye patch!

  5. How fantastic and this last pic of James is literally priceless!! xo

  6. Ah, love it. And those ships look amazing in the background!


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