Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

{Scene from a spooky, super fun Halloween party we attended over the weekend.}

Wishing you and your family a Happy Halloween! 


Friday, October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat

We have a spooktacular Halloween weekend ahead, filled with costume parties, Oktoberfest, and a special concert at the beach! Where ever you go this Halloween weekend, I hope it is filled with tricks, treats, and lots and lots of love! 


Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Vintage Jack O' Lantern

When I was a little girl, we lived in a very historic neighborhood called "Ghent" in Norfolk, Virginia. The homes around one particular area, called "The Hague," date back to 1890. Most of the homes were built between 1892 and 1907. The architecture of the homes, in my old neighborhood, consists primarily of late 19th century Dutch Queen Anne, Shingle style, and Colonial Revival interpretations, with their large pillared porches and brick stature. They are old homes; but they each have a very unique, fun feeling essence to them. {Only if you think haunted houses are fun, of course.}

Growing up in this historic neighborhood had its' moments, both good and bad. You see, I always felt weird telling my friends that I lived in a haunted house. First, I knew they never believed me when I told them this fact. And second, it was quite annoying and often times terrifying to know that there was a ghost living in our home. He would do things to torment us, like flicking on and off the lights in our closets and re-arranging the furniture in my dollhouse. My Mom and Dad have shared more stories with us as we have gotten older; but I do remember this home vividly and when ever we go back to visit, I often find myself driving by, wondering if HE still haunts the house on Greydon Avenue?

But when we did {finally} decide to move, finding a home to move into, in historic Ghent, proved to be quite troublesome for my parents; because they became "sensitive" and every home they were shown ended up being haunted, as well. The only thing left to do was to build a home from the ground up, and that is exactly what we ended up doing for this very reason.

The historic "Ghent district" was the most fun in October, when all of the homes decorated for Halloween! Every one of the homes, with their big, creeky porches, went all out for Halloween! Some of them even opened up their foyers for a interactive, Halloween activity. It was magical and spooky! The vibe throughout the neighborhood was alive with the spirit{s} of Halloween! I have never experienced anything else quite like trick or treating in "Old Ghent."

And that is where my profound love for Halloween was born! I love the decorations, the costumes, and especially, the Jack O' Lanterns!!!

Tonya's Jack O' Lantern
Jack O' Lanterns date all the way back to the early 1660s. It wasn't until the early 1800s, that Irish immigrants brought the folktale tradition to America, "home of the pumpkin." {In Ireland, they carve turnips and potatoes into jack o' lanterns.} Today, Jack O' Lanterns are the symbol and face of Halloween.

When my amazingly talented friend and bohemian mama, Tonya, decided to get crafty this holiday season, she was inspired by the vintage paper mache Jack O' Lanterns, and created a collection of handmade Jack O' Lanterns. They are so beautiful and incredibly unique! Each one is a hand painted folk art piece that represents a timeless tradition.

When she posted these pictures of them on Facebook, I immediately emailed her to ask if she would make one for our home? Of course, she said Yes! I can't wait to receive my Jack O' Lantern and will keep it on display all year round! A friendly reminder of the spirit of Halloween!

If you, too, would love one of Tonya's amazing Jack O' Lanterns, you can email her HERE. The small sizes are $45, the large are $65, and the double-sided faces are $75.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scenes from a Dreamy Weekend

Yogis and Friends

I really do feel as if I am waking up from a dream . . . remembering it, savoring it, writing it down to recall it, re-live it, and most importantly, being incredibly grateful that it is all happening!

Ok. So, what is this "IT" you may be asking and wondering? The "IT" is a combination of beautiful surprises; and I will break them down as follows:

- Last week I received an email from an editor at "Natural Home and Garden Magazine." She wrote: "I  am the Lifestyle Editor at Natural Home & Garden magazine, and I am interested in featuring your quilt pillows in our upcoming issue. We are putting together some props for the cover photo shoot. The theme is Creating Cozy, and I think your pillows would be perfect. Is there anyway we could have you send a few pillows to our offices before the end of the day on Thursday?" I think you can probably guess my reply; but I can give you a visual re-enactment of my response because I am pretty sure it went something like this: screeching, jumping up and down, more screeching, running around the house in excitement, and more screeching. {The pillows will be featured in the Jan/Feb issue.} 

- Saturday was the "All You Need is Love" benefit and it was magical! We had a wonderful attendance and amazing support from the community. The silent auction I organized raised $2,120 and the benefit raised over $2,500 more for Brita and her family. Brita and her adorable daughter, Alabama stopped by the benefit and she is ever more lovely and beautiful in person. She is also incredibly grateful for all of the love and support her and her family are receiving on a daily basis. So on behalf of Brita and her family, THANK YOU!! 

- Saturday also marked the launch of my new company: "Mindful Octopus" As you may know, I have been on a journey to becoming a storytelling yoga teacher for kids. It has truly become life changing and I look forward to sharing more with you about the Mindful Octopus, as it continues to develop. 

- Sunday began with one of the most beautiful baby showers I have ever attended and ended at "The Happiest Place on Earth." 

So, Yes! "IT" has been a whirlwind of a dream and I am loving every minute of it! 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day of the Dead

Last night I hosted a "Day of the Dead" dinner party in honor of my girlfriend Jessie, who is visiting from NYC. It was such an amazing evening filled with good food, good friends, and good laughs! I haven't thrown a dinner party in so long and with Halloween right around the corner, I just couldn't resist  a spooky table decor of roses, black dahlias, vintage apothecary bottles, mercury glass, skeletons, eyeballs, and more, oh my! Fun times!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Love Note

What a wonderful weekend {away} with girlfriends! Hope you had a lovely weekend, as well. 
Now, it is time to . . . and get ready for all of the exciting news I have to share with you this week! 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

All You Need is Love: Silent Auction

As you know, I have been super busy organizing a beautiful fundraising event. The response from the community, both online and locally, has been absolutely amazing! Today, I am excited to announce the launch of the online silent auction. We will be adding more items, as we will continue to welcome donations with open arms, up until the event on the 22nd. Please visit the online auction here; and it would be so kind and loving of you to share the love for this special benefit:

Also, I would like to take a moment to send a big "shout out" of love to the following bloggers for their generous donations:


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Vintage DIY

Hello! So I know I am not the first one to share my love {obsession} for Pinterest! I think it is incredibly fun to pin inspirational images, delicious sounding recipes, and {my personal favorite} the crazy creative diy tutorials. I wish I had the time to make everything on my "Be Creative" board! But in the meantime, I love to think that, maybe in some magical way, they will manifest themselves in the similar fashion as a "vision board." {imagine that}

I do love to be creative and create; and as you know, there is nothing more I love than a fabulous vintage treasure. So, when you put the two together, you have vintage treasure diy amazingness. Enjoy!

Flour and Grain Sack Pillows
Vintage Tea Towel Upholstery
Framed Vintage Maps Using Embroidery Hoops
Sheet of Rusted Metal as a Magnet Board
Vintage Window as a Picture Frame
Vintage Cake Carrier Lamp

Patchwork Curtain of Vintage Scarves
Vintage Lunchbox Flower Arrangement
Come join my pinning party here. And if you are also on Pinterest, would love to follow you too! 


Monday, October 10, 2011

Scenes from a Pumpkin Patch

We had so much fun picking our pumpkins at Tanaka Farms over the weekend. It is beginning to feel a lot like Fall around here. But I did hear that Southern California is expecting a "heat wave" this week!? At least the heat won't mess up the spider web, Halloween madness we have going on in our front yard.


Friday, October 7, 2011


Last night I had rings on my fingers and bells on my shoes. I wore scarlet begonias tucked into my curls. And we danced under the moon to the music of Furthur at the Greek Theatre in Hollywood. From the opening song "Sugar Magnolia" to my all-time favorite, "Ripple" and some "Here Comes the Sun" and "Uncle John's Band" thrown in at just the perfect moments, Furthur rocked it like the good 'ole days! It was simply magical. After the show, we ended our evening with a night cap at the infamous Roosevelt Hotel.

Wishing you a weekend filled with the sounds of peace, love, and happiness! 


Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Golden Apple

I started a quote collection many, many years ago. I think my first quote book was started one summer at sleep away camp. I love quotes. And with the recent passing of Steve Jobs, the social media outlets are buzzing with the genius, profoundly unique, and powerful words of Steve Jobs. Last night, I read the transcript from the following commencement address. I was shocked at my response to his speech; for I could barely get through it with the tears running down my face. It is one of the most profound messages I have ever read and received in my life. Please take the time to hear it for yourself and be inspired!

Forever a Light in Our Lives 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's the Simple Things

love notes: mom says i can save the world
taking something ordinary, like sand, and making it extraordinary
finally getting the blueberry to stay in the gator's mouth
sandwich kisses
childhood friendships lasting a lifetime

The simple things in life are truly the most inspiring, meaningful, beautiful, and special. They effortlessly and naturally shape us, support us, and show us what matters most in life - it's the simple things. When ever I go back "home" to Virginia, I am reminded of this and it's what always makes all the difference. 


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