Tuesday, December 20, 2011

happy holidays

Wow! It is official! The holidays are here! Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. We celebrate all of the holidays in our home; so I am looking forward to eating yummy latkes and matzo ball soup, playing dreidel, lighting the candles, watching our boys open one present each, and telling the story Hanukkah. 

Speaking of stories, {and why i have been mia} On Saturday, I taught two Mindful Octopus, storytelling yoga classes, at the AR4T gallery in Laguna Beach. It was amazing! I taught a total of 20 wonderful kids. I told the Native American story of "How Raven Gifted Light to the World." After I told the story, the kids helped me re-tell the story using yoga poses. After the asana practice, I lead the kids through a mindfulness meditation, reminding them of the light that shines within themselves. I also emphasized the importance of taking the time, especially during the busy holiday season, to give the gift of presence. Presence is the ability to be here right now; for when you are present you are naturally in a relaxed state. 
To further emphasize the meaning of the story within themselves, they each created an art project using pine needles. We all had so much fun! I can't wait for the next Mindful Octopus class! 

Here are two photos that really capture the moment and the energy of the day! 

"The more light you allow within you
the brighter the world you live in will be."

{Shakti Gawain}



  1. I love the idea of celebrating all the holidays-what an amazing way to make the season bright!

  2. It has been a while busy time for me :) I am teaching sixth grade art after the holidays on a volunteer basis ! I celebrate most holidays :) We have our own Muslim holidays that have past. I love those special days and making the kids happy :)

  3. Love it! What beautiful and important work. Wish I were close enough that my kids could come!

  4. Your class sounds like so much fun! And presence is something we all need to be reminded of.


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