Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Love of a Bohemian Mama

My inspiring Mom posted this remarkable video on her facebook page the other day; and I have been watching it over and over again, as if it is my daily meditation or prayer. Directed and produced by award winning, visionary Louie Schwartzberg, "The Happiness Revealed Project" is a beautiful message of imagination and gratitude, by a child and an elder. {note: begins about 4 minutes in but the introduction is magical}

It is a simple message of truth that in today's world is almost forgotten. It is my hope, that as we look back and reflect on the events and lessons of 2011, we will be reminded of all we have to be grateful for; and in return, how important it is to open our hearts and live life to its' fullest! 

Gratefulness, mindfulness, and happiness are the nirvana of nouns! We learn them as a child and we teach them to our children. But as we enter into 2012, I believe it is time to turn these nouns into verbs! We have been "talking the talk" but now is the time to "walk the walk." For as the narrator in the video so eloquently says: "Open your heart and Have a good day!" 

I am ready for some {very} good days! How about you?

Peace, Love, and Happiness



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