Monday, January 9, 2012

An Octopus's Mandala

I have been staring at these beautiful illustrations {and my logo} by Meridth Gimbel for months now. I am so in love with them and what they represent to me, my family, and our dream.

Sometimes in life, you are gifted with a special, magical moment; where your life is forever changed, in ways you never could have imagined. When I serendipitously discovered Octopus Ink Illustration, I was gifted with this very moment; and the Mindful Octopus dream was imagined.

Thank you Meridth! {for the millionth time}



  1. They are BEAUTIFUL, emotive, and inspiring. LOVE THEM!!

  2. So, so beautiful, and perfect for this new adventure!

  3. Your logo is fantastic and I love the illustration of you. Very sweet.


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