Monday, April 9, 2012

One year ago, right about this time, many, many doors abruptly closed for my family and me; and we were forced to make some difficult changes and decisions. After many moments of evaluation and reflection, I find it so incredible what a difference a year makes! 

One year ago, I was a stay at home Mom to two baby boys, just going day to day. 
Today, I can add business owner and dream maker, to my list.  
One year ago, my boys adhered to strict schedules designed by a super tired Mama. 
Today, my boys have the freedom to be kids. 
One year ago, I was betrayed and hurt by people I thought were my friends.
Today, I have the most amazing group of inspiring women I am lucky to call my friends.
One year ago, I had to try so hard.
Today, things come effortlessly.
One year ago, I had no sense of belonging.
Today, I am a part of a supportive community. 
One year ago, I was filling my house with flea market treasures.
Today, I am packing up boxes and boxes and boxes of things to give to others.
One year ago, the sky and earth were darker than they are today. 
Today, the world is a rainbow; and the ocean is calling my name.
One year ago, I was only half of the person I am today.
Today, I am incredibly grateful for having gone through this growth. 
Today, everything is different because everything has changed! 
Change makes a difference!

I love change! 

I love making a difference!

I love today, and every day . . . 

Now that everything is different!


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