Dear Lovers,
"I am new here!" seems to be my defining quote over the last 10 years. Originally from Virginia, I have lived and travelled all over the world. Most recently, I moved from Florida to Southern California. Every place I have lived, I always found it incredibly important and profound to create a home. Through my experiences, I have learned that a home is not just a physical location, but also the adventure of meeting new friends, the discovery of new passions and places, and the creation of life and love.

In writing this blog, it is my hope that Vintage is for Lovers will become like a home - a place where friends can come and feel inspired, educated, connected, and most importantly, loved!

xoxo Samantha

About the Shop

Once upon a time, in a beautiful beach town in Southern California, a bohemian mama named Samantha fell in love with a dream; to celebrate and curate the arts and traditions of our past, present, and future.

Vintage is for Lovers is an inspired, lifestyle collection of stories untold and dreams imagined. Beginning with a collection of pillows, designed and created using vintage, heirloom quilts and 100% organic fabrics, Samantha is committed to making a difference and living change through sustainability practices and social enterprise.

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